Pet Season 1: Premiere Date, Plot, Characters

‘Pet’ is an upcoming thriller Seinen anime which is based on a manga written by Ranjou Miyake. There isn’t much hype around this anime yet, but its recent promotional video did evoke some curiosity in the minds of those who got a chance to see it. In this promotional video, unlike most other shows which introduce their characters, we get to see a series of dark images that only hint what the anime could be about. The trailer ends with what looks like a small visual from the manga itself, which leaves you rather confused as a viewer. Even regarding the other aspects of the show, the creators have not revealed much.

The series will be animated by a lesser-known Studio which only has a few titles under its belt, so we cannot really expect much from its animation quality and style. While the premise of this series still seems to be quite interesting, the fact that its manga was not so well-received could prove to be a problem for the anime. In addition to the anime, even a two-part stage play of the same is being planned, so it seems like despite being not so popular, the anime still has some loyal fans who are willing to watch all these different versions of it. ‘Pet’ is just a mysterious franchise that will either make it big in the future or will just disappear amongst other supernatural shows; only time will tell how its anime adaptation will turn out to be.

Pet Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Pet’ Season 1 is slated to release on January 6, 2020.

Animated by Geno Studio, the series will be directed by Takahiro Ōmori, who is known for his work in ‘Durarara!’. As of now, ‘Pet’ hasn’t really caught the attention of regular anime viewers because its manga was completed way back in 2003. So even the ones who did get a chance to read the manga have probably forgotten about it by now. Also, since the manga only has 5 volumes, the anime will not be renewed for a season 2, unless it does really well. Not much has been revealed about this show yet and even the release date has not been confirmed. But if we get any news regarding it in the future, we will surely update it here in this section.

Pet English Dub:

No official announcements have been made regarding the English Dub of ‘Pet’, but you will still be able to stream it on Amazon Prime with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Pet Plot:

‘Pet’ is a mystery thriller that revolves around people who have the ability to hack into the minds of other human beings and then manipulate all of their memories. The powers of these humans are commonly misused by the ones in the underworld to cover-up assassinations and other brutal crimes. This supernatural ability not only destroys the minds of the victims but can also backfire on those who use it. So to counter the whole process of backfiring, these humans use chains to protect their fragile hearts from getting damaged. And because of how they are treated in a world full of darkness and misery, they are labeled as “Pets”.

Pet Characters:


Hiroki is one of those supernatural humans who works under Tsukasa, which makes him her Pet. He has the ability to get inside the minds of his victims and completely manipulate their memories. He always thinks of Tsukasa and always tries to protect him when he’s hacking into the minds of people. He dreams of living a fairly normal life someday where he’ll be able to spend the rest of his life with Tsukasa in peace. But the way things start to unfold, it seems like his dream of a peaceful life is far from his present reality. Hiroki is the main character of the series. When it comes to his appearance, he has long blue hair and a beautiful face with no expressions.


Tsukasa is another Pet who can manipulate people’s memories. She hates how superhumans like her are often looked down upon, and aims to create a better life for those who are just like her.


Satoru is Hayashi’s pet, who really admires him, but unfortunately, he has not met him for the past two years. Because of Hayashi’s absence, he is forced to work with Katsuragi. Just like Hiroki, he really wants to live a normal life where he’ll be able to meet Hayashi again.


Hayashi is another member of “the company” who also possesses the supernatural ability to manipulate the minds of people. But his whereabouts are unknown and even Satoru, who is his Pet, has no clue about where he is.

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