Phil Robertson Net Worth

How much is Phil Robertson worth? $15 Million

How did Phil Robertson earn his money and wealth?

Phil Robertson is a professional hunter, a reality TV star as well as a businessman. He was born Phil Alexander Robertson on April 24, 1946, in Vivian, Louisiana. Robertson had a tough childhood with seven other siblings as they suffered from financial setbacks. According to him, they lived in the 1950’s like it was the 1850’s as they did not have a bathtub, toilet or even electricity. They ate from the produce of their kitchen garden and the meat of deer, fish, squirrel they hunted. They reared chicken, pigs, and cattle at their home. He has said that although they were poor they were very happy. Robertson was an athlete during his school days and he took part in baseball, football, and track. He gained admission on a football scholarship to attend Louisiana Tech in Ruston. He has a bachelor’s degree in physical education and a master’s degree in education. After he graduated from college, Robertson was approached to play for the Washington Redskins but he declined the offer as he was more interested in hunting.

Robertson started his professional career by becoming a teacher. He later became a professional fisherman and he also ran a bar. Since he was an avid duck hunter, Robertson wanted to make a better duck call which led him to invent the Duck Commander call in 1972. He incorporated his company Duck Commander Company in 1973 which is now run by his son, Willie Robertson and is a multimillion dollar company.

Robertson and his family have appeared in the reality TV series “Duck Dynasty” from 2012 to 2017. The show has aired more than 500 episodes in a span of 5 years. It showcased the daily operations of running Duck Commander. Robertson courted controversy when he expressed his views of homosexuality and how he found it sinful. A&E, the network who telecasted the show “Duck Dynasty” suspended Robertson from the network. But the channel had to remove the suspension after receiving backlash from supporters. He has also appeared in other films such as “Torchbearer” (2016).

Robertson married his high school sweetheart, Marsha Kay Carroway in 1966. They had a troubled married life initially but after Robertson had a religious awakening, he was able to overcome his problems and lead a happy married life. They have four children, Willie, Jase, Alan and Jules Jeptha.

Robertson in the past has supported President Donald Trump. At the moment he is the chairman of American Legacy Center’s “Fight for the Court” since January 2017. Robertson has written a memoir titled “Happy, Happy, Happy” and recounts his life in it. He has co-authored it with Mark Schlabach. Robertson has a luxurious home in West Monroe which he built over 21.5 acres of land. The car that he drives is the Chevrolet Volt.


What are the highest rated TV shows of Phil Robertson?

  1. The Soup: WWE (2012) 8.1
  2. Conan: Flash Mob on the Bounty (2012) 7.8
  3. Duck Dynasty: Wild Wild West Monroe (2016) 7.5
  4. Duck Dynasty: Till Duck Do Us Part (2013) 7.4
  5. Duck Dynasty: Techs and Balances (2016) 7.3

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