Physical Finale: What to Expect?

We’re getting close to the season finale, and things are really heating up. Sheila seems to have finally hit her stride and is, possibly for the first time, confidently moving forward with her exercise home video idea. She has an unlikely bunch of people who are rooting for her and have just helped her threaten the bulky man who had stolen her tapes and was bootlegging them. However, things are never smooth for our self-deprecating leading lady, and we can expect some truly entertaining bumps along the way. Can’t wait to see the season finale? Neither can we. Here’s everything we know about ‘Physical’ episode 10.

Physical Season 1 Episode 10 Release Date

‘Physical’ episode 10, the season finale, will premiere on August 6, 2021, at 3 am ET on Apple TV+. The season’s first three episodes released simultaneously on June 18, 2021, with subsequent new episodes coming out every Friday. In total, the season has 10 half-hour episodes.

Where to Stream Physical Season 1 Episode 10 Online?

‘Physical’ is an Apple production, and therefore, ‘Physical’ season 1 episode 10 will stream exclusively on their platform — Apple TV+. All previously released as well as new episodes of the show are available to stream on the platform. You can also avail the free 7-day Apple TV+ trial to check out the show.

Physical Season 1 Episode 10 Spoilers

The season 1 finale is titled ‘Let’s Get Together’ and could refer to the crew that Sheila seems to have assembled around her on her tumultuous journey. Greta, who was so far on the sidelines, is the newest addition to the gang and is driven by her newfound confidence. We will most likely see the beginning of Sheila’s aerobics empire as she ends the previous episode with a stock of tapes that she can sell, as well as the confiscated money she took from the bootlegger. Danny, whom she has finally revealed her plans to, might also come on board once he realizes how lucrative his wife’s business idea is. Of course, it’s going to be fun watching his sleazy friend Jerry squirm when he realizes Sheila has hit upon a gold mine.

The upcoming season finale might also feature a small time jump as we have previously seen Sheila as an aerobics celebrity on an elaborate set for her video. These scenes will most likely be given context in the upcoming episode. We are also almost certainly going to get an update on how Sheila is dealing with her eating disorder now that her plans are finally beginning to come to fruition. The issue seems too deeply entrenched to just disappear, and we will likely get to see how a successful Sheila now deals with the same problem that haunted her when she was nearly broke.

Physical Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 opens with Sheila once again succumbing to her worst instincts and binging on junk food, this time offering it to her daughter as well. She promises to herself that it is the last time and soon encounters Greta, who has gained a lot of confidence since they last met. The two repair their friendship, and Greta eventually helps Sheila track down the man who has been making illegal copies of her video.

Sheila recovers her tapes and the money he made from selling them and comes back brimming with confidence herself, ready to begin selling her home exercise tapes in earnest. A surprised Danny, who finds her in the basement stacking them on a shelf, is also finally told about the business venture, though his reaction to it is as yet unknown.

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