Physical Season 4: Renewal Possiblities Explored

Created by Annie Weisman and starring Rose Byrne in the lead role, Apple TV+’s ‘Physical’ follows the story of Sheila Rubin. Over the course of three seasons, we follow Sheila from being an unsatisfied housewife battling an eating disorder to becoming the owner of a flourishing business. Her personal and professional life goes through many twists and turns, leaving the audience wondering what comes next for her.

The third season closes the loop on the events of the third season. However, it also leaves the room open for the continuation of Sheila’s story. Does this mean that the show will return for another season? Will it explore another chapter of her story? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD

Will There Be a Physical Season 4?

‘Physical’ Season 3 premiered on Apple TV+ on August 2, 2023. The first two episodes were dropped simultaneously, while the other eight were released weekly, with the finale dropping on September 27, 2023. The show received positive reviews, much like its first two seasons, with praise directed towards the writing and acting of the show. Generally, a good response from critics and the audience means another season for a show. However, before the release of the third season, Apple TV+ revealed that it would also be the show’s final season.

The third season focuses on Sheila’s journey as she tries to expand her business while facing competition from the likes of Kelly Kilmartin. Sheila tries to find a balance in her life, especially as a new love interest emerges, while the voice inside her head takes the form of Kelly. The pressure to compete and keep up with the challenges brings Sheila to the brink of falling off the wagon.

However, despite everything, Sheila emerges victorious. By the end of the season, she has succeeded in franchising her business and is a professional success story. She also comes to terms with some hard truths about herself, which allows her to be free of the things that are holding her back and give up control in order to have a better life.

For the creators of the show, the third season is the final act in Sheila’s story, and it ends at the point they had envisioned for the character. “We are so grateful to Apple, Tomorrow Studios, and all our creative collaborators for the chance to bring Sheila to life in all her gritty glory. With this final season, Sheila’s three-act saga of rebellion, recovery, and redemption comes to the satisfying conclusion that she and her fans so richly deserve. We feel so proud to share this last chapter with everyone,” Byrne and Weisman said.

In presenting Sheila’s story in depth, bringing her inner demons to the fore, Weisman wanted to give the audience something they could relate to, and she hoped they take away something positive from the story. “Seeing how, even from that very dark and very closed-off place, this woman is able to find inspiration and not only get a job but create a job and create a world for herself. I hope that is a source of inspiration for people. Seeing how far she goes and also seeing how she learns to be healthy and empowered on her own terms,” she said.

With all this in mind, it’s clear that even though there is space to keep exploring Sheila’s story, it cannot be done without repeating things that have already been covered in the show. This confirms that the creators of the show don’t plan to bring it back for another run, and there won’t be a ‘Physical’ Season 4.

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