Who Should Play Steve Jobs ?

THR is reporting that Christian Bale who was supposed to play Steve Jobs in the bipoic ‘Jobs’ to be directed by Danny Boyle (Oscar winner for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’) has called it quits. One should remember that Bale was originally scheduled to play Jobs, but later Leonardo Di Caprio replaced him. Caprio, too, backed out for some reason, and hence Bale came on-board again. So, basically, it is going in circles. Now, with Bale gone, the question remains who will play Steve Jobs in what looks like an interesting project; especially considering it has been written by Aaron Sorkin (Oscar winner for ‘The Social Network’) and consists of only three scenes.

In my opinion, Christian Bale was perfect for the part, partly because he shares some resemblance to Steve Jobs, but more importantly he has the acting chops to fit into a part that required a lot of talking. With Bale gone, what are the options that we are left with ? An actor who is early forties with some star appeal and great acting skills (Not to mention, he should share slight resemblance to Jobs or at least could be made up to look like him) . How many fit the bill ? Matt Damon, Jeremy Reener, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Affleck. You see the choices are very few. So, what actors come to your mind ? Chip in below in the comments.

(Image Courtesy The Wrap)