Preview: Plunderer S01 E04

On the surface, the premise of ‘Plunderer’ seems to make no sense at all. But unlike most other shounen out there. that solely rely on hefty battle scenes to appeal to their viewers, ‘Plunderer’ goes deep. It presents a society where the social value of a person is represented by a mere number. If the creators of the anime manage to pull off a decent adaptation of the original manga, ‘Plunderer’ has the potential to be one of the best shounen anime of the year.

With that said, here is everything you need to know about its next episode.

When is Plunderer Episode 4 Release Date?

The first two episodes of the series premiered on Funimation’s official Youtube channel in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand on December 8, 2019. Since its third episode was not a part of this special screening, it was only available when the anime began its regular broadcast on January 23, 2020. Episode 4 of the series is scheduled to release on January 30, 2020. You can also refer to our preview to know more about the first season of ‘Plunderer’.

Where to Watch Plunderer Episode 4 English Dub Online?

Funimation has acquired the streaming rights for the first season of ‘Plunderer’. You can the anime on Funimation in most English-speaking regions.

Plunderer Season 1 Plot:

The first season of ‘Plunderer’ is set in a world where every individual is identified by a number known as the “Count.” This count is a number-identity that is related to a very crucial aspect of that person’s life. For instance, for some, this number identity is simply a reflection of the number of steps they might have taken in a lifetime. If this number falls back to zero for a particular person, the person is dragged to the Abyss where he/she is forced to live in grim darkness till eternity.

The main character of the series is a young girl named Hina, who once lived in Fieni with her mother. When her mother’s count fell to zero, she saw her fall into the Abyss. But before dying, her mother asked her to find the legendary Red Baron and live with him. Before finally leaving her, her mother also gave her a Ballot. As soon as her mother passes away, Hina decides to fulfill her wishes and embarks on a journey to find the man. But after spending almost all her life being sheltered by her mother, Hina seems to be very naive about the world outside. She is easily able to trust anyone she meets along the way and has no clue about all the evils that exist out there. Also, she seems to have no knowledge of social norms she was raised without.

But despite all of these pitfalls, it is her determination that keeps her going and once she puts all of her focus onto finding the Red Baron, she does not stop. That’s when she runs into a mysterious Knight named Licht Bach one day, who seems to be extremely popular because of his low count. Something clicks between the two of them and they set out on a journey of a lifetime.