Plunderer E05: Everything We Know

Newbies to the world of anime would certainly have a good time watching ‘Plunderer’ but for the veterans, this show might seem a bit too repetitive. Even so, it has a fairly unique premise that can be appreciated by most anime viewers out there. So just make sure that you don’t expect anything groundbreaking out of it.

With that said, here is everything you need to know about the next episode of ‘Plunderer.’

When is Plunderer Episode 5 Release Date?

The first two episodes of the series premiered on Funimation’s official Youtube channel in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand on December 8, 2019. Since its third episode was not a part of this special screening, it was only available when the anime began its regular broadcast on January 23, 2020. Episode 5 of the series is scheduled to release on February 6, 2020. You can also refer to our preview to know more about the first season of ‘Plunderer’.

Where to Watch Plunderer Episode 5 English Dub Online?

Funimation has acquired the streaming rights for the first season of ‘Plunderer’. You can the anime on Funimation in most English-speaking regions.

Plunderer Spoilers

‘Plunderer’ is set in a post-apocalyptic world where almost every human has a number printed on their body and it’s this number that measures their worth in one way or the other. If this number ever reaches zero, the person is dragged down into the darkness of the Abyss.

Hina is the main character of the series whose mother was dragged down to the Abyss when her number went down to zero. But before she leaves her, she gives her a glass orb with 10,000 in it and also tells her all about the Legendary Ace. With this, Hina sets out to fulfill her mother’s dream of finding the Ace and after hunting him down for five long years, she ends up running into a perverted Knight named Licht and his boss Nana. Nana keeps preaching about the disparity in power in their society where the ones with higher number count are able to control others.

Hina also tells them all about her own number 441 which indicates that she has walked 44,100 kilometers. Later, Hina ends up running into a Seargent who claims to be the Ace, but instead, he steals all of her numbers and only leaves her with just 1. He then reveals it to her that the tale of Ace is more than 300 years old and the so-called Legend has been dead for ages.

This is when Litch shows up and flaunts his own number which is in negatives. Surprised by this, the Seargeant claims that it is not possible to have a number that low unless he is a Ballot Holder. Litch then reveals it to them he is the Legendary Ace and threatens the Seargent that he’ll force him to give Hina her numbers back. Following this event, the Legendary Ace and Hina embark on a journey that’ll not only transform them but will completely change the world they live in.