Plunderer E08: Release Date and Streaming Details

The storyline of ‘Plunderer’ is very captivating and slowly reels you in with its blend of shounen and sci-fi themes. What comes off as a typical action anime slowly turns into something that has a lot more to offer. Not to mention, even its characters are quite intriguing. I wouldn’t consider it to be amongst the best anime of the season, but you should still watch it. And if you’re following its first season, read on further to know all about its next episode.

When is Plunderer Episode 8 Release Date?

The first two episodes of the series premiered on Funimation’s official Youtube channel in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand on December 8, 2019. Since its third episode was not a part of this special screening, it was only available when the anime began its regular broadcast on January 23, 2020. ‘Plunderer’ Episode 8 is scheduled to release on February 27, 2020. You can also refer to our preview to know more about the first season of ‘Plunderer’.

Where to Watch Plunderer Episode 8 English Dub Online?

Funimation has acquired the streaming rights for the first season of ‘Plunderer’. You can watch the anime on Funimation in most English-speaking regions.

Plunderer Spoilers

In a dystopian world, power is unevenly distributed among humans based on a fixed number that is imprinted on a particular part of their bodies. Somewhere in these portent lands, a young girl named Hina lives a peaceful life under the protection of her mother. Little does she know that her world is about to completely change for the worse. One day, her mother’s number goes down to zero and with this, she forced to face the same fate as many others. She gets dragged down to the darkness of the Abyss but before she leaves, she asks Hina to look for the Legendary Ace and even gives her a  Glass Orb that contains 10,000 numbers. With this, Hina embarks on a journey to fulfill her mother’s last words.

After looking for the Ace for years, she meets a mysterious Knight named Licht and his boss, Nana, who complains about how they’re forced to obey anyone who has a higher number count. Soon after this, she runs into a man who claims to be the Ace but is actually is just trying to fool her. When he tries to molest her, Hina reveals her mother’s Orb and orders him to leave her alone. He then tries to steal all of her numbers and only leaves her with one. That’s when Licht comes to her rescue and reveals that he is Legendary Ace. To prove this, he shows how his number count has fallen back to negatives.

He then swears that he won’t spare the man who stole Hina’s number and even shows his sword that has the number 5700 carved on it. This reveals that he has killed 5700 men with his sword. This event marks the beginning of Hina’s long journey with Licht but it is far from being over. Destiny will certainly again bring them together.