Pose Season 3: Everything We Know

‘Pose’ is an American musical drama television series that explores the highs and lows of living life in New York City. The best thing about the show is its unrestricted and inclusive mix of various cultures that shows itself through its characters. Hence, the series quickly attracted a strong fan circle and has successfully spanned two seasons so far. If you’re looking for details about Pose season 3, here’s everything we know!

Pose Season 3 Release Date

‘Pose’ Season 2 released on June 11, 2019, on FX. The second season comprises ten episodes with a runtime of 45–78 minutes each. It was favored by audiences and critics alike because of its ability to strike a balance between tragedy and glamor. As far as the third season is concerned, here’s what we know. A few days after season 2 dropped, FX announced its renewal for another season. Filming for the same commenced shortly after but was halted because of the coronavirus pandemic. On March 14, 2020, everybody was asked to leave the set, eight days after production began.

After a few months, the filming resumed as stated by actor Billy Porter (who plays Pray Tell) in December 2020. They were asked to maintain Covid-19 safety and social distancing protocols, and Billy also said that the process wasn’t easy. But he was still grateful to be back on set. In January 2021, Indya Moore (who plays Angel Evangelista) shared a picture that indicates they are back on the grind.

Hence, the series is undoubtedly coming back, although the pandemic interrupted the filming schedule. Now that production is underway, it might be wrapping up soon. When that happens, we can expect ‘Pose’ Season 3 to release sometime in late 2021.

Pose Season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?

The cast for ‘Pose’ includes Evan Peters and Kate Mara, who dominate season 1. But MJ Rodriguez’s role as Blanca Rodriguez/Blanca Evangelista, an HIV-positive trans woman who is the new mother of House Evangelista and former member of House Abundance, has uplifted the show’s appeal and given it direction. She is certainly expected to return in the upcoming season.

Dominique Jackson portrays Elektra Wintour, who forms the House of Wintour. Billy Porter plays Pray Tell, emcee of the balls in New York, fashion designer, and mentor to the members of House Evangelista. Indya Moore is Angel Evangelista, a trans woman who is a sex worker and who joins the House of Evangelista. Other main cast members include Ryan Jamaal Swain (Damon Richards-Evangelista), Charlayne Woodard (Helena St. Rogers),  Hailie Sahar (Lulu Ferocity), and Angelica Ross (Candy Johnson-Ferocity), among others. Most of the main cast is expected to return, while ‘Hollywood’s’ Jeremy Pope will join the cast as Blanca’s love interest, Christopher.

Pose Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?

The second season of ‘Pose’ explores how the release of Madonna’s iconic “Vogue” influenced the New York ballroom scene. But the finale showcases a massive jump in time to 1991, and it portrays Blanca’s struggle with her HIV diagnosis, which gradually progresses to AIDS. Similar to Season 2 that jumped three years after the Season 1 finale, Season 3 will also showcase a shift in time. Set in 1994, it will most likely feature a new House of Evangelista.

Blanca will have new children in season three, which makes sense because her children are grown. The characters will then navigate the glamor and grit of New York as they always have. The third season will additionally focus on Blanca and her responsibilities as both a partner and a mom. Yes, she will find love this time, which will be refreshing to see as she always has been fiercely devoted to her children. Her romance with her future partner, Christopher, is being looked forward to.

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