Possessions Season 2: Everything We Know

‘Possessions’ is a multi-lingual drama that revolves around Nathalie, a French expatriate in Israel. She is charged with the murder of her husband that mysteriously takes place during their wedding night. Hence, her life is turned upside down. However, she subsequently chances upon a French diplomat Karim, who attempts to look into her past and discover how events actually unfurled.

Karim is attracted as well as alarmed by Nathalie’s secretive disposition. The most interesting part about the series is that it is shot in three languages – Hebrew, French, and English. Non-English language content has been observed to be continually intriguing audiences, and the first season of ‘Possessions’ is no different. Here’s everything we know about ‘Possessions’ season 2.

Possessions Season 2 Release Date

‘Possessions’ season 1 released on January 28, 2021, on HBO Max. It consists of six episodes with a runtime of 50 minutes each. Ahead of its premiere in the US, the show released in France on November 2, 2020, on StudioCanal, which was followed by its release in Israel on December 2, 2020. Owing to its favorable reception, the thriller was picked up by HBO Max.

As far as season 2 is concerned, there has been no news about its renewal yet. But its return seems likely because season 1 does not end on a definite note. With regards to the season finale, there is a lot of ground still left to be covered, which is why season 2 is highly anticipated to hit the screen. If and when that happens, we expect ‘Possessions’ season 2 to release sometime in 2022.

Possessions Season 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

The cast of ‘Possessions’ is led by Nadia Tereszkiewicz, who plays Nathalie, the youthful protagonist roped into her husband’s murder case. Reda Kateb essays the role of Karim, a French Diplomat who is attracted to Nathalie. Dominique Valadié plays Rosa; Ariane Ascaride plays the role of Louisa; Judith Chemla portrays Johanna, and Noa Koler stars as Esti. Other cast members include Aloïse Sauvage as Jessica, Tzahi Grad as Rafi, Roy Nik as Shai, and Tchéky Karyo as Yoel, among others. The majority of the cast members are expected to return for the new season.

Possessions Season 2 Plot: What can it Be About?

‘Possessions’ season 1 deals with the murder of Nathalie’s husband, for which Nathalie is held in custody. She displays symptoms of amnesia, which is why she does not remember the events that led to the murder. Soon, Nathalie observes peculiar marks on her body that implies she might have been attacked. Karim is thoroughly certain that she is the victim. In the season finale, the murderer is still not yet revealed, and Nathalie’s father requests Karim to rescue her from the grips of the Palestinian authorities.

The second season is expected to reveal the story behind Nathalie’s injuries and her stance as a victim in the murder case. Karim will dive deeper in order to get to the truth, which might put him in grave danger. His fondness for Nathalie might also gain central focus in the new season.

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