Power Book II Ghost Episode 8: When And Where to Watch?

‘Power Book II: Ghost’ dropped its seventh episode this Sunday on December 13, 2020. Titled ‘Sex Week’, the story follows Tariq who encounters a dead body and gets rid of it. On the other hand, Paz is back. More on the details later. With the 7th part having paved the way for an engrossing storyline, let us now get into the details of the next episode.

Power Book II Ghost Episode 8 Release Date:

‘Power Book II Ghost’ episode 8 is slated to release on December 20, 2020, at 8 pm ET/PT and 7 pm CT on Starz.

Power Book II Ghost Episode 8 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is titled ‘Family First’. The story features several intense and important moments. Tasha talks to Tariq over the phone and gets some terrible news: “Somebody tried to kill me today, ma!” Natasha replies: “You need to tell me everything that you’ve been up to right now!” Later, in another scene, Tariq is the center of action again. He is asked if the authorities should be called in to handle a certain dangerous situation. Tariq reverts: “No, it’s not that kind of danger.”

Cut back to a few moments ahead and Jabari is seen to be handling something on his own. He might be speaking to an unnamed someone about his new, untitled novel. Jabari explains: “I can sell this drug-dealing family. I got to know how does it end?” On the other hand, we see Jabari meeting Tariq next and telling him: “Look, I still feel like there’s something that you’re hiding.” To this accusation, Tariq says, “You can’t trust anybody. Not with the truth.” Monet also makes an appearance in another scene. She is heard saying: “I’m seeing this whole thing wrong.” Finally, we have a whole new storyline that revolves around Cane. He is on the phone telling someone, “When I find you, you’re dead!” What does this mean? The person on the other end of that phone call should make sure that they stay a million miles away from Cane in this moment.

You can watch the promo for episode 8 below:

Where to Stream Power Book II Ghost Episode 8 Online?

‘Power Book II Ghost’ will air the next episode on Sunday at 8 pm ET on Starz. If you have a cable subscription for the channel, you can watch the show on your tv screens. Otherwise, you can catch the episodes online on the official website of Starz. Another way is to catch the series on the Starz app (available for download on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon). For cord-cutters, cable-free, live-streaming platforms include Directv and Sling TV. New episodes, following their tv premiere, are available on Hulu. You can additionally rent the episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

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