Power Book II Ghost Episode 9: When And Where to Watch?

‘Power Book II: Ghost’ dropped its 8th episode this Sunday on December 20, 2020. Titled ‘Family First’, the story follows Tariq who continues to suffer the aftermath of the death of his father. More on the details later. With the 8th part having paved the way for an engrossing storyline, let us now get into the details of the next episode, which also serves as the pre-finale.

Power Book II Ghost Episode 9 Release Date:

‘Power Book II Ghost’ episode 9 is slated to release on December 27, 2020, at 8 pm ET/PT and 7 pm CT on Starz.

Power Book II Ghost Episode 9 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is titled ‘Monster’. The story marks the return of Tommy Egan, the guy who had seen Tariq murdering Ghost. Therefore, he serves as a crucial witness and can change the progress of the whole court proceedings. Tommy may not want things to be so easy for Tariq either. On the other hand, we do know that Tasha had attempted to pin the blame of Ghost’s murder on Tommy in the first episode. Now, what will happen if he runs into Cane? Will they team up against Tariq? Or will Tariq take matters into his own hands? Only time will tell. You can watch the promo for episode 9 below:

Where to Stream Power Book II Ghost Episode 9 Online?

‘Power Book II Ghost’ will air the next episode on Sunday at 8 pm ET on Starz. If you have a cable subscription for the channel, you can watch the show on your tv screens. Otherwise, you can catch the episodes online on the official website of Starz. Another way is to catch the series on the Starz app (available for download on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon). For cord-cutters, cable-free, live-streaming platforms include Directv and Sling TV. New episodes, following their tv premiere, are available on Hulu. You can additionally rent the episodes on Amazon Prime Video.

Power Book II Ghost Episode 8 Recap

Things get pretty intense in the eighth episode of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’. Jabari suspects Tariq and has started ignoring his duties as a professor to tail the latter. He is onto Tariq about the Course Correct App. On the other hand, Tariq is caught in a love triangle with Effie, Lauren, and Diana. Jabari confronts Tariq but since the latter is not inclined to give any answers, he simply ignores and walks off. Jabari is worried and starts stalking Tariq. Effie tells Tariq that she has trust issues because of her past. But it seems she is wearing him down for some reason. It is strange that Tariq is behaving so strangely before Effie when he is his own self before her and barely needs to lie. 2Bit makes a comeback and he is all set to exact his revenge on Tariq.

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