Power S06 E14: Everything we Know

‘Power’ is one of the most watched television shows on a cable network. The crime drama starring Omari Hardwick is all set to air its series finale soon and has managed to garner enough intrigue and curiosity from patient fans.

Furthermore, the Starz show is all set to get a sequel series titled ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ which will focus on some of the other characters introduced in ‘Power.’ It is likely that the series finale will provide some inkling as to what/who ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ might be about.

‘Power’ follows the character, James St. Patrick a.k.a. Ghost who seems to have everything that one might wish for: a successful business, a gorgeous wife and a Manhattan penthouse. However, when he is not looking after his legitimate business, Ghost tends to his rich and influential clients with his drug-dealing operations. When he tries to exit the illegal business, the lives of his loved ones begin to get threatened.

When is Power Season 6 Episode 14 Release Date?

The fourteenth episode of the sixth season of ‘Power’ is scheduled to be premiered on January 26, 2020 at 8/7 c on Starz. The episode is titled ‘Reversal of Fortune’ and serves to be the series finale.

Directly after that, Starz will also air ‘Power: Confidential,’ a talk show with some exclusive behind-the scenes footage and cast and crew interviews on the making of the series. There are chances that a few revelations about the sequel series to ‘Power,’ ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ might be made as well.

Where to Watch Power Season 6 Episode 14 Online?

You can watch the series finale of ‘Power’ by tuning into Starz during the timeslot given above. However, ardent fans of the show would know that ‘Power’ can be watched earlier than its TV airing time as well.

‘Power’ Season 6, Episode 14 can be streamed online, earlier than the TV airing time, on the Starz website or app. New episodes are generally uploaded around 12:01 am E.T.

Moreover, you can also watch the episode live if you have a subscription for Sling TV, YouTube TV or Direct TV. Moreover, you can also get a Starz add-on package with your Hulu or Amazon Prime account at just $8.99 per month.

Power Season 6 Episode 14 Spoilers

You can watch the promo for the series finale of ‘Power’ below. The episode finally teases to reward viewers with information about who shot Ghost.

We know that it isn’t Paz who shot him. Plus, we also know that it wasn’t Dre. After the last two episodes, it can be reasonably concluded that Tommy is not the shooter either. The only remaining suspects are Tariq, Tasha, Saxe and Tate. Fans have been discussing various theories intensely, as evidenced by the tweet below.

In the promo, Ghost can be seen telling someone “You tried to take me on, and you knew you couldn’t beat me.” In all likelihood, the person who he had been saying this too might be the shooter. But the promo does not reveal who is being spoken to. Otherwise, that would have made the speculation rather too easy. Moreover, Detective Blanca is seen talking to Tariq about taking down Ghost. That certainly makes things way more interesting as that would mean Tariq actually did consider helping Blanca.

However, it could also be some great editing work for the promo to make viewers believe that Blanca was talking to Tariq. Producers have done that sort of thing before, so we wouldn’t put it past them. The answers will only be revealed on January 26, 2020.