Preview: Arte Season 1 Episode 11

At its very onset, ‘Arte’ makes it pretty evident that it’ll stick to the well-known tropes of the Seinen genre. It presents the story of an underdog artist in a very linear fashion but what still makes it a fun anime its overall peaceful vibe and well-written protagonist. As a viewer, even though you know that she’ll eventually succeed, you find yourself rooting for her at every milestone that she reaches. That being said, if you have been following Arte’s journey all this while and you’re curious to know how far she’ll reach by the end of this season, read on further to know all about the next episode.

Arte Episode 11 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Arte’ Episode 11 is scheduled to release on June 13, 2020 and assuming that it will have a total of 12 episodes, we can expect it to end sometime in June 2020.

Where to Arte Episode 11 English Dub Online?

The English subtitled version of ‘Arte’ is available on Funimation and Hulu.

Arte Spoilers

Arte, the titular character of the show, lives in the Renaissance era and dreams of being a great artist someday. But for some reason, the rest of the world around her seems to be against her. Then comes a day when her father passes away, and just to make sure that they don’t run out of wealth, Arte’s mother starts forcing her to get married. She even asks her to give up on art as it could prove to be a major turn off for potential grooms. Arte, who is determined to achieve her dreams, defies her mother and tries to attend a local art workshop. But to her dismay, because of her gender, she gets thrown out. Infuriated by this, Arte chops her hair off and even tries to harm herself. But that’s when an Artisan saves her by giving her the opportunity that she seeks.

He gives her an impossible task to complete by the next morning and just walks away to later check on her. Arte stays up all night, finishes the test assignment, and then falls to the ground the next day. When the artisan, Leo, arrives, he is blown away by her commitment to work and unanimously agrees to take her under his wing. This marks the beginning of Arte’s career as an artist but her journey seems to be far from over. Arte moves out of her toxic home and starts living in a small, old room right above Leo’s home. Although the conditions she lives in seem subpar compared to her previous lavish lifestyle, her drive to achieve dreams outweighs the pain she has to go through.

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