Preview: Beastars Season 2 Episode 1

Developed from the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Paru Itagaki, ‘Beastars’ is set in an urbanized world populated by anthropomorphic animals and revolves around the cultural, social, and behavioral conflicts between the carnivores and herbivores. The anime derives its name from the eponymous title given to individuals who perform remarkable acts of leadership that bring together the two groups. The main focus of the series is the growing bond between Legoshi, the gray wolf, and Haru, the dwarf rabbit, and how it is affected not only by the society around them but also by their instincts as predator and prey, respectively.

Since its premiere on October 8, 2019, ‘Beastars’ has received widespread critical acclaim, with critics praising the show for its crisp animation and complex and philosophical storyline. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of the series.

Beastars Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Beastars’ season 2 episode 1 is set to premiere on January 5, 2021, in Japan. The anime has been developed by Orange Studios, which has previously produced shows like ‘Dimension W’ and ‘Land of the Lustrous.’ Shin’ichi Matsumi, who has previously worked on ‘Thundercats’ and ‘Rage of Bahamut: Genesis,’ directed the series. Nanami Higuchi, known for writing the scripts of ‘Little Witch Academia,’ adapted the first 6 volumes of the manga serialization for season 1 of the anime. For season 2, the remaining chapters of volume 6 have been transformed into the script format before the story moves forward to the manga’s later volumes. YOASOBI’s ‘Kaibutsu’ (Monster) is set to serve as the opening theme for the second season.

Where to Watch Beastars English Dub Online?

Viewers all over the world can watch the English dubbed version of ‘Beastars’ season 1 on Netflix. The second season will become available on the streaming platform in July 2021.

Beastars Spoilers

At the end of season 1, Legoshi saves Haru from the Shishigumi. They go to a love hotel and try to become intimate. It is then that Haru’s instinct as prey takes over, and she offers herself as food to Legoshi. In the finale, titled ‘In the Storm’s Wake,’ the two awkwardly disentangle themselves from each other. Haru asks for Legoshi’s forgiveness for how her body reacted. She proposes that they should continue to push forward, but Legoshi is reluctant, fearing that another attempt might be equally disastrous. They eventually decide to sleep until morning arrives. Later, Legoshi is considered a hero, especially in the carnivore community. Juno comes to visit a still recovering Legoshi in the infirmary. She then has a chance encounter with Haru. After deducing that the dwarf rabbit did not have sex with Legoshi, Juno declares that she will be competing with Haru for Legoshi’s affection.

During the night of the Meteor Festival, both Haru and Legoshi come to terms with their feelings for each other. He swears to her that he will do everything he can to muster his own instincts as a predator. In response, she tells him that she will be waiting for him until he is ready. The season ends with Louis still missing and Legoshi speaking to an unseen and mysterious carnivore.

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