Preview: Black Clover Episode 139

‘Black Clover’ had a rough start as many anime viewers were initially comparing it with shounen classics like ‘Naruto.’ But after so many episodes, it’s good to see that ‘Black Clover’ is not only finding its feet but is also creating its very own identity. So if you haven’t started watching it yet or you gave it up midway, now would be the best time to catch with it. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about its next episode.

Black Clover Episode 139 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Black Clover’ Episode 139 is scheduled to release on August 17, 2020. 

Where to Watch Black Clover Episode 139 English Dub Online?

The English dubbed version of ‘Black Clover’ is available on Funimation, and you can also watch it with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles on Crunchyroll.

Black Clover Spoilers:

‘Black Clover’ is primarily driven by two characters, Asta and Yuno, who are first discovered by a priest on the steps of a church. When he realizes that their parents have abandoned them, he takes them in and provides them food and shelter at the church’s orphanage. Now in the world of ‘Black Clover,’ acquiring magical skills is more of a necessity than a special ability. And so, just like all the other kids who grow up in the orphanage, Asta and Yuno hope to acquire great magical abilities and even dream of becoming the best mages of their village someday. With these big dreams, Yuno always seems to be on the right path towards becoming a great magician. Unfortunately for Asta, he seems to develop no magical abilities at all. He tries to make up for this by relentlessly putting himself through some tough physical training. But no amount of physical strength makes him good enough to face enemies who acquire magic. Adding to his troubles, Sister Lily keeps rejecting his proposals and he soon becomes the laughing stock of his orphanage.

With what follows, Yuno rightfully acquires a four-leaf clover at the prestigious Grimoire Acceptance Ceremony. While he’s at it, Asta watches him from a distance with nothing but envy. Moments after this, once the ceremony is over, Yuno steps out of the premise of the venue and encounters nobles who try to attack him. He fends them off using his powerful magic but is not able to face a former magical knight who shows up right after. That’s when Asta steps in to protect him. In the heat of the moment, Asta unknowingly unravels his buried abilities and acquires the coveted five-leaf clover. And thus, like Yuno, he, too, finds himself on the right path towards becoming the greatest mage ever.

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