Preview: Black Clover Episode 165

Based on the manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata, ‘Black Clover’ is a high-fantasy anime with a complex and well-defined magic system. It is set in a world where everyone and everything has magic, except for the protagonist, Asta. That doesn’t prevent him from wanting to be the Wizard King, the highest magical authority in the Clover Kingdom. He grows up in a church-run orphanage alongside Yuno, a wind magic prodigy. Together, they go to the capital and take the magic knight exam, after which Asta joins the Black Bulls squad while Yuno becomes a member of the Golden Dawn squad. The series follows Asta as he develops as a warrior and anti-magic user despite his shortcomings. The anime premiered on October 3, 2017. Here is everything you need to know about its upcoming episode.

Black Clover Episode 165 Release Date:

‘Black Clover’ episode 165, titled ‘Water Crusade,’ is slated to air on February 23, 2021. Pierrot Studios (Naruto: Shippuden) produced the series. “Everlasting Shine” by Tomorrow X Together and “A Walk” by Gakuto Kajiwara serve as the opening and ending credit theme songs for the first three episodes. After that, “Grandeur” by Snow Man became the opening theme, and “BEAUTIFUL” by Treasure became the ending theme.

Where to Watch Black Clover Episode 165 English Dub Online?

Crunchyroll is simulcasting new episodes of ‘Black Clover’ with English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles. Funimation is releasing a simuldub version of ‘Black Clover.’ The first three seasons are available on AnimeLab with English dubbing. You can also watch the dubbed version of the first season on Hulu. Youku Tudou is airing the anime in China.

Black Clover Episode 165 Spoilers

In episode 164, Dante casts a unique spell to seal the wound that Yami has opened up in his abdomen and declares that the Spade Kingdom needs both Yami and Vangeance to establish what he calls the Tree of Qliphoth, which will serve as a channel between the underworld and the mortal world and allow the devils easy access to the latter. Meanwhile, Asta begins to regain consciousness.

In the Heart Kingdom, Charmy is horrified when she sees the destruction that Halbet has caused and says that she will never forgive the dark disciple for this. After their fight begins, Halbet manages to inflict several wounds on the other woman with her hair. Halbet then claims the devil’s powers have augmented her abilities and beauty. When she encases Charmy in a cocoon of hair, Charmy breaks out of it after turning her colossal sheep into a wolf, which begins preparation to eat Halbet. The wolf then proceeds to eat almost all of Halbet’s hair, leaving her completely defenseless. Charmy then hits her with a series of punches to knock her out.

Meanwhile, Leopold overwhelms Dark Disciple Sivoir with massive spirals of flames, causing Sivoir to feel pain for the first time. The episode ends as Vanica enters the underground chamber of the royal palace of the Heart Kingdom. Episode 165 might show the fight with Lolopechka, Noelle Silva, and Secre Swallowtail on one side and Vanica on the other. Megicula might take over Vanica’s body to help her host defeat the enemies.

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