Preview: Cells at Work Season 2 Episode 1

Based on the popular Japanese manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu, ‘Cells at Work!’ or ‘Hataraku Saibō’ is a TV anime that revolves around the lives and challenges of anthropomorphized cells of a human body. The story especially focuses on AE3803, a Red Blood Cell or Erythrocyte, and U-1146, a White Blood Cell or Neutrophil. Each episode, the body encounters various issues—from injuries to diseases to poisoning—and the cells must work together for the collective survival. Despite the absurdity of the concept, the raw information that anime delivers on biology and medicine has earned praise from medical professionals and biology teachers for its accuracy.

Season 1 was broadcast from July 8, 2018, to September 30, 2018, with a special episode airing on December 27, 2018. the producers announced the anime’s renewal for a 2nd season on its Twitter account on March 23, 2019. Here is what we know about the premiere episode of ‘Cells at Work!!’ (the double exclamation denoting season 2).

Cells at Work Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The 1st episode of ‘Cells at Work’ is set to premiere on January 9, 2021. David Production Studios developed the series, with Yuma Takahashi serving as the producer. The director of season 1, Kenichi Suzuki, was replaced by Hirofumi Ogura for the 2nd season. Yūko Kakihara wrote the script, and Kenichiro Suehiro from MAYUKO composed the score. Takahiko Yoshida handled the character designs. The main cast performed the opening theme for the upcoming season, “Go! Go! Saibō Festa,” and ClariS performed the ending credit, “Fight.” All members of the main voice cast are set to return, including Kana Hanazawa (Japanese) and Cherami Leigh (English) as AE3803 and Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese) and Billy Kametz (English) as U-1146.

In April 2020, news came out that Liden Films was producing a spin-off anime based on the manga series ‘Cells at Work! Code Black’ with a completely different cast and crew. The spin-off is slated to premiere on January 10, 2021.

Where to Watch Cells at Work!! with English Dub Online?

Viewers can also catch the English dubbed version of season 2 on Funimation. ‘Cells at Work’ season 1 is available on Netflix and Crunchyroll, with original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Cells at Work!! Spoilers

The finale of ‘Cells at Work!’ continues with the story about hemorrhagic shock from the previous episode. The body temperature keeps falling steadily. After eliminating the germs that invaded the body through the injury, U-1146 discovers that countless Red Blood Cells are gone due to the heavy blood loss, which still hasn’t stopped. The platelets work as quickly as possible to shut the head injury and caution the Red Blood Cells to watch their steps while making their way through the artery close to the wound. With the numbers of Red Blood Cells at an all-time low, tissue cells start dying due to the lack of oxygen.

Meanwhile, some tissue cells decide to increase the blood pressure in a desperate move, but it only ends up decreasing the body temperature even further. AE3803 and NT4201 try to walk through a blizzard to deliver the oxygen, but the seemingly insurmountable circumstances force NT4201 to lose all hope. Exhausted beyond her limits, AE3803 soon falls on the snow. It is then that millions of Red Blood Cells are introduced into the body through blood transfusion. They quickly start delivering oxygen, saving the body in the process. Season 2 of the anime might adapt the remaining chapters of the 4th and 5th volumes of the manga series.

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