Preview: Chopped Sweets Season 2

Whenever one talks of food shows, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘MasterChef’. With ‘Chopped’ making it big in the culinary show business, Food Network has tickled the sweet tooth with this variation. ‘Chopped Sweets’ provides chefs with an unconventional ingredient and challenge them to make optimal use of it. And what do they make? They make desserts. Scott Conant is the host of the show and it has a different pair of judges every episode.

Chopped Sweets Season 2 Release Date

After a successful season 1, Chopped Sweets Season 2 is all set for a return on August 4, 2020, on Food Network, at 10 pm EST. Tune in to be excited about the challenges faced by the participants!

Chopped Sweets Season 2 Host

Scott Conant is the only constant in the show, acting as a host and a judge. A section of the audience wishes that Ted Allen is hired instead of Scott, about whom they have mixed feelings. To resolve this issue, Food Network brings in a host of judges whose expertise and persona are infallible. Remember the excitement around Sylvia Weinstock last season? Participants change with every episode, so there is no foxed cast with the format the show follows.

What’s Chopped Sweets About?

To speak of the show’s theme, the contestants encountered everything in their baskets—from habanero sauce to chocolate worms. The USP of the show is that it creates an aura of uncertainty. The novelty in the tasks is admirable. One tends to remember season 1 episode 12, in which contestants had to make dessert for breakfast. What a test of the knowledge of nutritional needs, as well as the sense of the right level of sugar content (Remember, its breakfast)! Contestants even had to make a coffee-themed beverage, which was an acid test of their ability to think quickly. People are left to wonder how a pig head or adult beverages could be turned into a beautiful dessert. This is the reason why once the contestants manage to impress the judges, their fandom grows considerably.

With season 2, the show is surely coming up with more surprises. From the names of the episodes and the brief previews, this season looks exciting. There seems to be the promise if the usual astonishment with the ingredient baskets. Further, there is also an expectation of decorative desserts with episode names like ‘Bejeweled and Bedazzled’ and ‘Sugary Showpieces’. With the contestants fighting it out passionately, it’s time to get back to your favorite show!

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