Preview: Great Pretender Episode 14

Many believe that ‘Great Pretender’ is the best anime of the summer 2020 season and I can understand why. It has a very well-thought-out premise, a roster of intriguing characters, an unconventional but fun narrative structure, and a good production value. What more can you ask for? With that said, if you have been following it all this while, here’s everything you need to know about its next episode.

Great Pretender Episode 14 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The 14th episode of ‘Great Pretender’ is scheduled to release on October 7, 2020, on +Ultra and other anime broadcast channels.

Where to Watch Great Pretender Episode 14 Online?

You can watch ‘Great Pretender’ on Netflix.

Great Pretender Episode 14 Spoilers

Episode 14 begins with the next step of the ongoing painting heist. After Thomas finishes the replica of Snow of London, he gets his debt paid off. In the meantime, the rest of the crew learns that Farrah intends to sell her piece of real estate for a hefty amount of £50 million. The next day, the auction ensues and except for James and Farrah, everyone else is from Laurant’s gang. As soon as the bidding begins, all the bidders exaggerate their prices and James is quite disappointed with the way things go. Meanwhile, Farrah overhears two others talking about the price of Snow of London. With this, she learns that she’ll need an additional £20 million to reach the amount. Determined to get her hand on the painting, she walks out and asks Tim to arrange the money. While she’s at it, Abby and Tim tell her all about James.

When Snow of London goes up for the bid, Abby walks up to James and tells him that Farrah is willing to bid 70 million. Now realizing that he has to bid over 70, James prepares himself to go all in. But to everyone’s surprise, Cynthia, who now takes Farrah’s place, crosses 70 and still does not stop. Ultimately, James goes as far as bidding £100 million from his bank account. James desperately tries to get some money from Farrah but she ignores him and invests her painting by exhibiting them in a galley of her own. Later, Laurent and the crew head to Nice and realize that they sold the original painting to James. However, Marie still does not complain as she appreciates the effort that went behind the replica. Cynthia decides to go back to Thomas to bid one final goodbye and finish what they started years ago. The episode closes with Edamame returning to his old job only to realize that the restaurant now serves Thai cuisine. Meanwhile, Cynthia expresses her disappointment with Laurent.

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