Preview: Great Pretender Episode 18

Created by Wit Studio, ‘Great Pretender’ is a crime comedy anime that is brimming with playfulness, sexual energy, and wild and dangerous adventure stories. Following its international premiere on July 8, 2020, the show has quickly become one of the most popular anime currently on television. It has memorable characters, an engaging plot, and absolutely stunning animation. The show being a split-cour anime, the first 14 episodes aired together internationally until October 7, 2020. The second cour subsequently began airing on October 21. Here is everything we know about the upcoming episode of ‘Great Pretender’.

Great Pretender Episode 18 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The 18th episode of ‘Great Pretender’ is set to be released on November 11, 2020, on +Ultra and other anime broadcast channels. Aside from 2 cours, the season is also divided in four cases. Episodes 1 to 5 are known together as ‘Case 1: Los Angeles Connection’. Episodes 6 to 10 are grouped under ‘Case 2: Singapore Sky’. ‘Case 3: Snow of London’ is comprised of episodes 11 to 14. The entire second cour (episodes 15 to 23) is ‘Case 4: Wizard of Far East’.

Where to Watch Great Pretender Episode 18 Online?

Viewers can watch ‘Great Pretender’ on Netflix.

Great Pretender Spoilers

The series revolves around an international group of expert swindlers and their enigmatic Robin Hood-esque leader, Laurent Thierry. The point of view character in the show is Makoto Edamura, who, at the beginning of the series, is a small-time crook in Japan. After he unsuccessfully tries to con Laurent and ends up getting conned himself, he becomes a member of Laurent’s crew. The other members of the tight-knit group are Abigail Jones, who, because of her ballet training, is extremely agile; Cynthia Moore, a seductress who has a theater background; Kudo, Edamura’s former boss and partner-in-crime; and Kim Si Won, a veteran con artist.

In the first case, the group takes on Eddie Cassano, a crooked Hollywood filmmaker and drug lord. They go against Sam Ibrahim, an exiled oil tycoon from one of the Arab countries, in the second case. Their target in case 3 is the prominent art critic James Coleman. In case 4, the antagonists are increasingly turning out to be Akemi Suzaku, the Chief Executive Officer of Suzaku Association, an organization that is involved in human trafficking, and Liu Xiao, the head of Shanghai mafia. In episode 17, Edamura discovers that his father is alive and currently working with the Shanghai mafia.

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