Preview: Kami no Tou Episode 7

So far, ‘Tower of God’ has been doing really well in the anime world and is even being appreciated by the ones who are well-versed with its original Webtoon. However, the next few episodes will play a key role in determining its final stance since they will involve a whole lot of action. The battle scenes till now have been great and even the character designs have rarely faltered, so we certainly can expect some memorable scenes from the upcoming episodes. That being said, if you have been following the first season of ‘Tower of God,’ read on further to know all about the release date, streaming availability, and spoilers of its next episode.

When is Tower of God Episode 7 Release Date?

Animated by Telecom Animation Film and Licensed by Crunchyroll, ‘Tower of God’ premiered on April 2, 2020. Since its first season will have a total of 13 episodes, we can expect it to end by June 2020. ”Tower of God’ episode 7 is scheduled to release on May 14, 2020.

Where to Watch Tower of God Episode 7 English Dub Online?

You can watch ‘Tower of God’ on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. You can also read its original web manga on Webtoons.

Tower of God Episode 7 Spoilers: What to Expect?

Episode 6 takes a break from all the tests of the tower and reflects more on Rachel and Bam’s characterization. In the second half of the episode, a new test, known as the Position Test, begins in which different positions are assigned to the members of each team. Bam gets to be a wave controller after he recovers from the injuries of his previous test. As the training phase of the test begins, a battle ensues between all the candidates while Khun attempts to extract information about all the major players involved.

The training part of the Position test will continue in the next episode. As we saw earlier, despite being drained after the contract, Bam was a very quick learner. So he’ll be easily able to get through all the training. Meanwhile, Khun will probably unravel more secrets about everyone who is involved in the floor tests with them. Once they are all done with their training, the final stage of the test will involve a showdown between all the teams in which each player will take on their respective position and battle others.

This time around, since Bam is stronger than ever,  it seems very likely that he’ll lead his team to a win. Just like the last time, he might even surprise everyone with his hidden abilities. Apart from that, we might even get to know more about Rachel who is still tailing Bam and trying to help him out.

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