Preview: Kami no Tou Episode 8

What initially started off as an intriguing action anime is now surprisingly packing a lot more depth than we had initially expected. Although there was a lot of development surrounding Bam’s character since the beginning of the series, other characters seemingly lacked enough heft to their personalities. But with the recent developments in its storyline, the anime has been emphasizing a lot on the backstories of many side characters as well. This establishes how almost every character has some role to play in its overarching plot.

‘Tower of God’ created waves when it first premiered and is still managing to come in par—if not surpass—everyone’s expectations. So if you haven’t started watching it yet, make sure you check it out right away. For those who have been watching it all this while, here’s everything you need to know about the release date and streaming availability of its next episode.

When is Tower of God Episode 8 Release Date?

Animated by Telecom Animation Film and Licensed by Crunchyroll, ‘Tower of God’ premiered on April 2, 2020. Since its first season will have a total of 13 episodes, we can expect it to end by June 2020. ”Tower of God’ episode 8 is scheduled to release on May 21, 2020.

Where to Watch Tower of God Episode 8 English Dub Online?

You can watch ‘Tower of God’ on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. You can also read its original web manga on Webtoons.

Tower of God Episode 8 Spoilers: What to Expect?

In the 7th episode, the tests of ‘Tower of God’ take a backseat and the episode emphasizes more on the backstories of all the characters. While the Position Test seems to be right around the corner, the Regulars try their best to stay level-headed and even relax for a bit. In the meantime, during the training round, Androssi and Anak fight each other to prove that they are worthy of being the Princesses of Zahard. In the end, both of them get knocked out of the round together and even injure themselves quite badly. In the closing scene of the episode, the Position test begins and Khun and Bam end up in opposing teams. Khun tries his best to keep his team ahead in the game, but the test turns out to be harder than they had expected.

In the upcoming episode, Khun will try to win the Position test along with his team but from the looks of it, he was not at all prepared for what happened. Initially, he was pretty certain that his strategy of setting up one of his team members as bait would work. But with that out of the window now, it seems very less likely that he’ll make it. When it comes to Bam’s team, it seems possible that Rachel will be on his side now. And since Rachel is determined to help reach the top of the tower, she’ll do anything to make sure that Bam’s team wins. However, at this point, we can’t be too sure about what lies ahead and we’ll have to wait and see who’ll eventually win the position test and make it to the next level.

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