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The Isekai concepts and world-building elements used by ‘By the Grace of Gods’ are not unheard of. You’ve got a reincarnated protagonist, a magical world, “slime” characters, and everything else you can expect from a fantasy anime. But even with its clichés, the anime effortlessly entertains you with its simplicity. So if you’re looking for an anime to kill some time on the weekends, don’t skip this one.

By the Grace of the Gods Episode 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Created by Maho Film Studio, ‘By the Grace of the Gods’ is a light novel adaptation. The first episode of ‘By the Grace of the Gods’ is scheduled to release on October 4, 2020. 

Where to Watch By the Grace of the Gods English Dub Online?

The first season of ‘By the Grace of God’ is available on Hulu and Funimation with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

By the Grace of the Gods Spoilers

‘By the Grace of God’s revolves around Ryouma Takebayashi, a boy who dies in his sleep at the age of 39 after living a life full of unfortunate events. Three gods feel awfully bad for him and the horrible things he has been through throughout his life. Due to this, they decide to give him a second chance where he gets to relive his life in a magical world where he’s devoid of any day-to-day snags of the masses. All he has to do is live for himself and have as much fun as he wants. Along with that, they also gift him physical abilities that allow him to master control over all the elements and even promise to look after him. The boy’s new life ensues when he finds himself in a younger avatar, in the middle of a dense forest.

After the inception of his new adventure, three years go by, and Ryouma manages to learn a lot about slimes. He grows them and makes his very own slime army while enhancing his magical abilities. But despite having a very fulfilling and peaceful life, Ryouma misses humans. He gets the opportunity to leave the forests when he heals an injured man who belongs to a group of travelers. With this, he packs his bags and starts a new adventure with his army of slime. The journey that lies ahead may have some serious challenges for him but it’ll bring contentment nonetheless. Not to mention, in the adventures that await him, his magical skills and slime taming will certainly come in handy.

By the Grace of the Gods Trailer

You can watch the trailer for the first season of ‘By the Grace of Gods’ below:

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