Preview: Love Fraud Episode 2

Image Credit: Showtime

Showtime’s ‘Love Fraud’ is more than a mere documentary of an event – it is a four-part series that makes for infuriating, riveting, and sometimes, even hysterical television. Following the story of a charming man who preys on lonely, middle-aged, single women, and then cons them out of their money and dignity, this series is a perfectly constructed piece of visual entertainment that also highlights how a bunch of scorned women turn into bounty hunters to exact revenge from the one man who cheated them. It literally puts the viewers in the backseat of the car that’s hunting this monster. So, here is everything that you need to know about its upcoming second episode.

Love Fraud Episode 2 Release Date

‘Love Fraud’ episode 2, entitled ‘Wichita,’ will premiere on September 6, 2020, at 9 pm ET/ PT & 8 pm CT. This will come exactly a week after the release of its first episode, ‘You Just Gotta Trust Me.’ Until the first season finishes, on September 20, 2020, it will follow the same schedule.

Love Fraud Episode 2 Spoilers

This investigative docuseries, that chronicles the hunt for Richard Scott Smith, a con man who has spent several years cheating innocent women online, has aptly titled its second episode ‘Wichita,’ because that’s where most of the focus will be. As the first episode came to an end, Richard’s ruse slowly broke apart, and his most recent victim found out the truth. Following that, in the second episode, a bounty hunter, a jilted ex, and a local Private Investigator are all going to combine forces to search for him. They’ll end up tracking him to the Krab Kings in Wichita, Kansas, where things get out of control and really frustrating, all because of the weird and manipulative circumstances that Richard would set.

Where to Stream Love Fraud Episode 2 Online?

You can easily watch episode 2 of ‘Love Fraud,’ ‘Wichita,’ at the above mentioned time on Showtime. Needless to say, for this, you will need a cable package. If you don’t have that, you can always stream the episode and catch up with the series on Showtime’s official website. If that doesn’t work for you either, then you can turn to the multiple live TV streaming services that have this series, namely, Philo TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and AT&T TV Now. Along with all this, the episode will also be available on Amazon Prime Video.

Love Fraud Episode 1 Recap

Episode 1 of ‘Love Fraud,’ ‘You Just Gotta Trust Me,’ makes it clear that Richard Scott Smith is a prodigious con man. He has no ethical consciousness when he assumes the identity of other men to marry several women, just so he can take everything from them. It shows how he has ripped apart families and destroyed their savings accounts. He has even opened businesses with his victims, all women, assuring them of their future and his love, only to drain them of as much money as possible later on, leaving his partner with an unfathomable amount of debt. At one point, a childhood friend of Richard even spoke about how, when he was younger, he used to get off on juggling multiple girlfriends at the same time, just to see if he could get away with it.

The main focus, though, is on Richard’s relationship with Tracy – a professional working woman and a single mother from Kansas. With her, he uses a fake name, Mickey. The pair met on the internet, and their short courtship, which is a dizzying ride, ends up with a dazzling engagement ring on her finger. However, Tracey’s daughter thinks that their relationship is moving too fast. Wary of Mickey, she decides to break into his truck. There, she finds various legal documents and pill bottles, all with various names. So, she goes home, searches the internet, and finds out that Mickey is, in fact, a con man by the name of Richard. As the truth comes out, many more women come forward, and they all refuse to sit back and stay quiet. And that is how the episode ends.

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