Preview: Majo no Tabitabi Episode 3

Although replete with several genre cliches, ‘Majo no Tabitabi’ kicks off with a surprisingly good pilot. It is very well animated, its battle scenes are better choreographed than most mainstream anime out there, and even its characters are pretty likable. It may be a bit too soon to say anything about it, but it sure does have the potential to among the best anime of this season. With that said, read on further to know all about its next episode.

Majo no Tabitabi Episode 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Majo no Tabitabi’ is a light novel adaptation created by C2C Studio. The third episode of ‘Majo no Tabitabi’ is scheduled to release on October 16, 2020. 

Where to Watch Majo no Tabitabi Season 1 English Dub Online?

The first season of ‘Majo no Tabitabi’ is available on Funimation with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Majo no Tabitabi Spoilers

It all begins when Eliana, the main protagonist, sets her eyes on the adventures of a witch. As a result, she decides to become a witch herself. Being the innocent little girl that she is initially, Eliana does not realize that the adventures of witches come with their own snags. But even when she grows up, she sticks to her dreams and aspirations of becoming a witch. Even during her entrance tests, she outperforms everyone else and proves that she has what it takes to be a good witch. However, little does she realize that the worst is yet to come. Once she clears her exams, her next goal is to find a mentor witch who could train her.

Eliana goes from one door to another and asks random witches to teach her magic. But for some reason, all of them feel threatened by her credentials and refuse to work with her. After facing several rejections, Eliana finally comes across a witch who takes her in. To her surprise, this witch is also well aware of her credentials but is still not impressed. For a while, the witch makes her do all of her chores and Eliana just complies with her. But after a month of no learnings, she gets frustrated and confronts the witch. As a result, the witch rains on her like a thunderstorm and almost kills her during a duel. It turns out that the witch was only playing around and after this encounter, she dedicates herself towards training Eliana. Eliana, too, dedicates herself to the process and learns with all her heart. Ultimately, she becomes worthy enough to start her adventures. The upcoming episodes will highlight adventures as she’ll cover the fabled lands of her worlds and help people along the way.

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