Preview: Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 2

Created by TMS Entertainment in collaboration with its subsidiary 3xCube, ‘Megalo Box’ is a sports anime show. Set in Japan in the not-so-distant future, economic disparity has created more divide between the rich and the poor than ever before. During this period, one of the biggest entertainment sources is megalo boxing, a version of the sport in which the fighters wear metal frames to augment their performances. In season 1, the protagonist, Joe or Junk Dog, garners immense popularity after he starts fighting without any mechanized gear and goes on to win the Megalonia tournament.

Season 1 aired between April 6, 2018, and June 29, 2018. Since its premiere, the show has received mostly positive reviews for its retro-style animation, engrossing storyline, and lively characters with believable motives behind their actions. Megalo Box Season 2 began airing on April 4, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of the show.

Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

‘Megalo Box’ season 2 (also known as ‘Megalo Box 2: Nomad’ or ‘Nomad: Megalo Box 2’) episode 2 is set to release on April 11, 2021, on Tokyo MX and BS11. You Moriyama served as the director of the series, and Katsuhiko Manabe and Kensaku Kojima served as primary scriptwriters. Mabanua created the music, and Ayumi Kurashima designed the characters.

Where to Watch Megalo Box Season 2 Online?

Viewers in North America and the British Isles can watch ‘Megalo Box’ season 2 episodes with original Japanese audio and English subtitles on Funimation. on the same day they air in Japan. The Portuguese and Spanish subtitled versions of the episodes will also be available on the platform for its Latin American viewers. People in the Scandinavian countries can watch the show with English subtitles on Wakanim. French, Russian, and German subtitled versions of the episodes can also be viewed on that streaming site. The viewers in Australia and New Zealand can catch the English subtitled versions on AnimeLab.

Megalo Box Season 2 Episode 2 Spoilers

Season 2 premiere finds Joe fighting in the local circuit under a new moniker, Nomad. It is revealed that a year earlier, a massive typhoon brought utter devastation to various parts of Japan, but especially in the bay area. People are still reeling from its effect, as the government hasn’t launched any relief operation. Joe has become an alcoholic and heavily dependent on a certain medicine to deal with the effects of all the time he has spent inside the ring. He has also started using metal gear again.

It is also revealed that he retreated from the public’s eye after losing an exhibition match against Yuuri’s mentee, the current champion Liu. Joe keeps having these nearly lucid visions of Nanbu. He fights against an experienced boxer called Chief and discovers that the other man knows his identity.

In episode 2, the typhoon’s effect on the slum might be revealed. We might find out whether Nanbu is still alive. A proposal might come to Joe that will promise him to take him back to the mainstream of megalo boxing.

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