Preview: Monster Musume no Oishasan Episode 2

‘Monster Girl Doctor’, so far, is a gimmicky anime with a colorful cast of characters. For the most part, its comedy is hit-or-miss. But the good thing about ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ is that it comes with a fairly intriguing storyline revolving around the adventures, or I’d rather say misadventures, of a monster doctor. With that said, if you’ve already watched its first episode, here’s everything you need to about the release date and streaming availability of its next episode.

Monster Musume no Oishasan Episode 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The second episode of ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ is scheduled to release on July 19, 2020. 

Where to Watch Monster Musume no Oishasan Episode 2 Online?

You can watch ‘Monster Girl Doctor’ on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Monster Musume no Oishasan Spoilers

‘Monster Girl Doctor’ is set in a world where a war ensued between humans and monsters for almost 100 years. But as the years went by, the two opposing sides started forgetting why they were fighting in the first place. It all reached a point where they left all their differences behind them and decided to live in harmony. Since then, the world has been quite a peaceful place. Among the human population of this world, Dr. Glenn Leitbeit is a monster specialist who helps treat monsters with his lamia assistant, Saphentite “Sapphee” Neikes. While he’s at his job, Glenn performs a physical examination on a minotaur which reveals that she’ pregnant. Soon after this, Dr. Cthulhy, an octopus woman, approaches him and asks him to conduct one of his physical examinations on all the fighters at the arena.

One of these fighters turns out to be Tisalia Scythia, the only known centaur to be the heir of Scythia Transportation. While being examined, she expresses her admiration for Glenn and goes as far as saying that she would love to marry someone like him. Sapphee, who unknowingly has a thing for the Doctor, feels jealous about this. Tisalia, who has not won a single battle in the past one month, thinks that there’s something wrong with her. But Doctor Glenn, after conducting her medical exam, dismisses her claims and confirms that there’s nothing wrong with her. But then he learns that there’s something wrong with her hooves. Just because she never wears steel shoes, her hooves have now become imbalanced. Although she protests, Glenn forces to wear a pair of new shoes. Due to the Doctor’s help, she is finally able to start winning battles again. In the meantime, Glenn wonders if all of this was simply a test by Cthulhy to understand his ability to work under pressure.

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