Preview: No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 3

With a dark neo-noir setup and a revolver-headed character at its fore, ‘No Guns Life’ walks you through the brutal adventures of a badass former soldier. Although there isn’t much to its plot, ‘No Guns Life’ is replete with action scenes. Moreover, its cyberpunk style of direction and its zany characters evoke a sense of intrigue in viewers.  With that said, if you’ve watched the first two episodes of its second season, here’s everything you need to know about episode 3.

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The third episode of ‘No Guns Life’ Season 2 is scheduled to release on July 24, 2020. Since it has 12 episodes in this season, we expect to finish airing sometime in September 2020.

Where to Watch No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 3 Online?

The English subbed version of ‘No Guns Life’ Season 2 will be available on Funimation on July 9, 2020. You can watch the English Dub of its first season on Amazon Prime, Funimation, and Hulu.

No Guns Life Spoilers

‘No Guns Life’ revolves around the life of an ex-war soldier named Juuzou Inui. He was amongst the few chosen soldiers who were turned into half cyborg war machines called “The Extended.” While the war was on, these soldiers proved to be assets to their army. However, as soon as the war was over, their lives became utterly purposeless. Adding to it, their strange appearance made it even harder for them to live a normal life. Because of a lack of normal career opportunities, many either went back to work for the government or simply started working for sinister organizations who used them. Juuzi himself has little to no memories of his past and tries to seek a normal life. Using his limited skill set, he works as a Resolver. Although he’s barely surviving, he is able to stay out of trouble; at least for a while, he is.

His peaceful life comes to an abrupt stop when an “Extended” soldier like him visits his office one day. He claims that his son was kidnapped and the Security Bureau is now behind his back. Juuzi does not step away from offering help to a fellow soldier and takes this challenge head-on. But little does her realize that he’s stepping into a world where everyone from the largest corporations to the smallest gangs on the streets is involved. The deeper he digs into it, the more he realizes that a bigger conspiracy is at play. Adding more heft to his problems is the fact that a special agent is now chasing him and he very well knows all about all his weaknesses.

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