Preview: Re: ZERO Season 2 Episode 11

Some might say that the only reason why ‘Re:Zero’ is such a popular anime today is because it was amongst the first few shows that started the Isekai wave. Although that may be true to an extent, the primary reason why it is still going strong is that it offers things that no other Isekai anime does. It has elements of time travel, a diverse set of characters, and a gritty yet intriguing promise that merges sci-fi with fantasy. What more can you ask for? With that said, here is everything you need to know about the release date and streaming availability of its next episode. 

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 11 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The 11th episode of ‘Re:Zero’ Season 2 is scheduled to release on September 16, 2020. 

Where to Watch Re: Zero Season 2 Episode 11 English Dub Online?

The second season of ‘Re:Zero’ is available on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. If you want to watch the first season of ‘Re:Zero’ in English, you can find its dubbed episodes on Funimation, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and VRV. Its prequel movie, titled ‘Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World – Frozen Bonds,’ is also available on Crunchyroll.

Re:ZERO Season 2 Spoilers

Although not completely loyal to the source material, the first season of ‘Re: Zero’ ended on an optimistic and satisfying note. Season 2 starts by drifting back to the source material and does to that, it does not hold itself back from portraying all the darkness that awaits Subaru and the crew. It all begins when Crusch and Rem fatefully cross paths with Lye and Regulas. It is well known that if compared with Betelguese, Lye and Regulas would easily pale out in terms of their abilities. However, if we draw the same comparison between them and Crusch and Rem, they are just far stronger. Because of this, when a battle ensues between the two parties, things don’t end too well for Crusch and Rem. What initially starts off as a sudden showdown later becomes a one-sided battle where Crusch loses his arm while defending himself from Regulas, while Rem completely loses her memories.

When Subaru and the rest of the crew learn about everything that has been going on with Crusch and Rem, they are heartbroken. As always, Subaru even tries to set things straight by killing himself, going back in time, and undoing everything that happened. However, to his dismay, nothing works this time. Felis is shocked by the news that he even blames Emilia for the attack. Although no one agrees with him, they do realize that they need to do something about the Witch’s cult.

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