Preview: Redo of Healer Season 1 Episode 2

Developed by TNK Studios, ‘Redo of Healer’ or ‘Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi’ is arguably the most disturbing anime made from a light novel series in recent years. It tells the story of Keyaru, a healing hero known by the moniker “Hero of Recovery.” He is tortured and raped by people who are supposed to be his allies. When he realizes the full potential of his abilities, he defeats a demon king, and with the Philosopher’s Stone acquired from her, resets the time to when he wasn’t magically revealed to be a hero. Keyaru subsequently embarks on a path of vengeance, fully intending to cause the same horror that had been inflicted on him.

As a light novel, ‘Redo of Healer’ has gained notoriety for its pornographic content and the depiction of sexual violence. The first episode of the anime premiered on January 13, 2021. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of the series.

Redo of Healer Episode 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

The 2nd episode of ‘Redo of Healer,’ titled ‘The Healer Ruins Princess Flare,’ is slated to premiere on January 20, 2021, on Tokyo MX and its affiliated channels. TNK Studios produced the series. Takuya Asaoka directed the anime, with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu serving as the main scriptwriter. Akiya Suzuki, Johannes Nilsson (Team-MAX), and Kenji Fujisawa composed the music, and Junji Goto handled the character designs. Minami Kuribayashi sang the opening theme track “Cruel Dreams and Sleep,” and ARCANA PROJECT sang the ending theme track “If You Can Change the World in a Dream.”

Three versions of the anime have been made: a censored broadcast version, a streaming-exclusive “Redo” version, and an uncensored “Complete Recovery” version. Most of the networks airing the series are set to show the broadcast version. Only AT-X is slated to air the complete recovery version at a 4 a.m. timeslot.

Where to Watch Redo of Healer Online?

The episodes of Redo of Healer’ are available for streaming on HIDIVE with English (North America, the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Australia), Spanish (Latin America and Spain), Danish (Denmark and Faroe Islands), Swedish (Sweden) and Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) on the day of their airing in Japan.

Redo of Healer Episode 2 Spoilers

Keyaru wakes up in his village after yet another dream of a terrible battle and a voice urging him to get stronger. He speaks to Anna, a woman who practically raised him, about these dreams, which show him as part of a group of heroes fighting against a mighty demon lord. Instructed by the voice inside him, he seeks out the star spirit and receives the Sight of Spirits from her. This allows him to remember what happened in the previous timeline. There is a deeply-rooted prejudice against the healers in the minds of other heroes, and Keyaru was forced to be on the receiving end of their sadistic actions. During their battle against the demon lord, all other heroes are defeated one by one. Instead of healing them, Keyaru fights the evil entity by himself and defeats her. With the Philosopher’s Stone he received after his victory, he resets the timeline.

Back in the modified timeline, Keyaru prepares for the arrival of Princess Flare of the Jioral Kingdom. She was the leader of their band of heroes in the original timeline and the main cause of all Keyaru’s miseries. He consumes aphrodisiacs and poison plants to build immunity against them. After reaching the Jioral Kingdom’s capital, Keyaru learns that his first task is to heal the swordswoman Kureha Clyret, who has lost an arm during a battle with a demon. Keyaru spends the intermediate days garnering valuable knowledge and experience.

When Kureha finally arrives in the capital, Keyaru heals her and pretends to pass out from exhaustion. He discovers that Flare is as cruel and sadistic as ever and decides to go through with his revenge plans. In episode 2, we might find out what kind of horror Keyaru intends to unleash on his worst tormentor.

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