Preview: Shaman King Episode 8

Developed from a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei, ‘Shaman King’ or ‘Shāman Kingu’ is a supernatural adventure shounen anime. It tells the story of You Asakura, a young and idealistic shaman who wants to earn the eponymous title so he can lead an easy life. In his pursuit, he has the support of his fiancée, Anna Kyoyama, an extremely talented and powerful itako or traditional Japanese shaman. She is You’s biggest fan and harshest critic. This is the second TV anime adaptation of Takei’s work after the Studio Xebec series that aired for 64 episodes between July 4, 2001, and September 25, 2002. The 2021 adaptation is set to cover all 35 volumes of the new complete edition of the manga series. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of the reboot.

Shaman King Episode 8 Release Date

‘Shaman King’ episode 8, titled ‘Evolution,’ is slated to release on May 20, 2021, on TV Tokyo, TVO, TVA, TSC, TVh, TVQ, and BS TV Tokyo. Most members of the 2001 series cast reprised their roles in the 2021 anime. Studio Bridge produced the series, with Jouji Furuta serving as the director and Shouji Yonemura as the main scriptwriter. Yuki Hayashi created the music for the anime, while Satohiko Sano designed the characters. As with the 2001 series, Megumi Hayashibara sang both the opening and ending themes for the 2021 reboot. They are “Soul Salvation” and “#Boku no Yubisaki,” respectively.

Where to Watch Shaman King Season 1 Online?

‘Shaman King’ reboot episodes will be available on Netflix at a later date.

Shaman King Episode 8 Spoilers

In episode 7, Anna learns from Silva that You’s next opponent is a necromancer that killed his last opponent. Necromancers in the world of ‘Shaman King’ reach the Over Soul state by using corpses as a medium. The fight is held at the Inokuchihama Foreigners Cemetery. You’s opponent is Johann Faust VII, the descendant of a feared German necromancer. When You meets Faust, Amidamaru warns him that Faust reeks of death. Faust claims that this is because he is a doctor but soon reveals his terrifying powers. He reanimates all the skeletons in the cemetery and slices Manta’s belly open.

Predictably, You becomes furious and tries to attack Faust, but the latter puts his legion of skeletons between them. No matter how many times You destroys the skeletons, they keep coming back, forcing You to waste precious Furyoku or mana, just as Faust wants. When he believes that You has spent enough of his Furyoku, Faust activates the Over Soul, transforming his guardian spirit, who is actually his dead wife, Eliza. She quickly begins overpowering an exhausted You. Realizing that he needs to approach the fight with more tactical thinking, You starts goading Faust by calling Eliza a doll. It has the desired effect, and the deranged necromancer completely snaps.

Ultimately, You cuts off Eliza’s legs but loses the match because he is completely out of Furyoku. Faust tries to attack him with a massive skeleton, but Ren arrives on a horse and saves You at the last moment. The episode ends as Ren reveals that he is You’s next opponent. In episode 8, You might be forced to sever his friendship with Manta to protect the latter from his enemies. You might return home and train under his grandfather for the upcoming match against Ren.

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