Preview: Ted Lasso Season 1 Episode 8

Ted Lasso’ is a sports comedy that stars Jason Sudeikis as the titular American football coach. He has been hired by the British soccer team AFC Richmond as a manager despite his inexperience when it comes to the sport. After all, the owner of the team, Rebecca Walden, has an ulterior motive. This club is her cheating ex-husband’s only true love, and she wants to completely destroy it. The manager has no idea about Rebecca’s intentions and continues to be his positive and optimistic self while actually producing some results for the team. 

Yet, it seems as though Ted takes one step forward and two steps back. One of the most prominent challenges he faces is getting the team to unite. Although Jamie Tartt is their star player, he is also a one-man show. So, in hopes of teaching Jamie about the importance of teamwork and collaboration, Ted benches him during a match that the team eventually wins. Yes, the manager ends up getting through to Jamie, but on the other hand, this decision also leads to Jamie’s original club, Manchester City, recalling him.

The team of AFC Richmond is not at all hopeful about winning their next match with Everton, and Jamie’s absence does not help this situation either. In fact, they are also facing relegation. The team goes to Liverpool for the match which occurs on the weekend of the owner’s former anniversary with Rupert. Flo Collins, Rebecca’s estranged best friend, comes to town. Keeley is also present, and the three share some laughs over dinner.

On the day of the match, Ted tells Nate to give the team a reality check before they go out on the field. The latter drops some truth bombs and the team pulls its socks up. AFC Richmond ends up breaking their decades-long losing streak as well. To celebrate, they go to a karaoke bar. There, Ted ends up having a panic attack due to his ongoing divorce, and he heads back to the hotel early, where he finally signs his divorce papers. Keeley and Roy share a kiss outside her room, whereas Flo shows up at Ted’s door, and the two spend the night together.

Ted Lasso Episode 8 Release Date

Ted Lasso Episode 8 will release on Apple TV+ on September 18, 2020, at 12 am PT. The episode is titled , titled ‘The Diamond Dogs’.

Ted Lasso Episode 8 Spoilers 

The possibility of romance budding between Ted and Rebecca is high, especially as small moments throughout the season have hinted at this inevitability. Knowing Ted, he will feel guilty about the night with Flo and may want to tell Rebecca. But based on how things usually go in the cinematic world, this revelation will be reserved for a dispute when the two actually get together. Considering that the season will be coming to an end soon, there is also a chance that Rebecca is finally confronted about those tricks she employed to kickstart the club’s downfall. Apart from that, Keeley and Roy have finally shared their first kiss, and one can expect their funny yet adorable dynamic to be explored more.

It also seems to be the case that Ted has finally started to get over his divorce. It’s not that it still won’t bother him, but at least he is finally on the road to acceptance. He has signed his divorce papers, and he has even had a one night stand, which usually represents the beginning of the end in such situations. Therefore, he may just be more at peace than in the previous episode. When it comes to his professional life, Ted will continue being Ted and proving people wrong. But here’s the big question— will Jamie Tartt finally make a comeback?

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