Preview: The God of High School Episode 1

With the success of ‘Tower of God’, Crunchyroll’s manhwa adaptations have further cemented their hold in the world of anime. ‘God of High School’ is the next Korean adaptation in line, and it certainly has high expectations to meet. Even so, from the epic battle scenes and the animation style in its trailer itself, one can tell that it will be in par, if not better than ‘Tower of God.’ Directed by  Sunghoo Park (‘Yuri! On Ice‘) and animated by MAPPA Studio (‘Kakegurui‘, ‘Kids on the Slope‘), ‘God of High School’ is among the most anticipated anime of the season. And if, like us, you’ve been eagerly waiting for its release, read on further to know all the details about the release date and streaming availability of its first episode.

God of High School Episode 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The first episode of ‘The God of High Highschool’ is scheduled to release on July 6, 2020. 

Where to Watch God of High School Episode 1 English Dub Online?

The English Subbed version of ‘The God of High School’ will be available on Crunchyroll along with its other originals. You can also read its source web manga on Webtoons, which has been created by Yongje Park.

God of High School Spoilers

‘God of High School’ centers around a happy-go-lucky 17-year-old martial artist named Jin Mo-Ri, who is from Seoul, South Korea. As the series begins, the boy is invited to join a martial arts tournament called the  “The God of High School”, also referred to as the GOH. This tournament is run by a mysterious organization that brings together talented fighters from several different high schools of Korea in a regional tournament. The ones who get past this are shortlisted for a national tournament and then sent for the World Championships. The winner ultimately gets to ask for anything that he/she wants from the hosting corporation.

Jin Mo-Ri sees this as an opportunity to show his true potential. As he moves further, he meets competitors from different schools, all masters of different fight styles. He also notices that some fighters use “Borrowed Powers” from gods and implement them in their moves. Along the way, he even comes across two very strong contenders named Han Dae-Wi, a Full-Contact Karate champion, and Yu Mi-Ra, an epeeist master. Once he’s done fighting them, one thing leads to another, and the three become friends. They eventually form the Korean Team right after the preliminary rounds. After joining forces, they discover that nothing at the tournament is as it seems.

God of High School Trailer

Check out the trailer of ‘God of High School’ Season 1 below:

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