Preview: The God of High School Episode 5

Each episode of ‘God of High School’ seemingly follows a fixed pattern where the first half almost entirely focuses on the development of a certain character. The second half of each episode then brings some memorable action scenes. This approach is working quite well so far, but hopefully, the upcoming episodes will bring something new to the table. Other than that, the animation quality has been as good as it was in the first episode and we hope that it’ll stay the same. With that said, to know all about the release date and streaming availability of its next episode, read on further.

God of High School Episode 5 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The fifth episode of ‘The God of High Highschool’ is scheduled to release on August 3, 2020. 

Where to Watch God of High School Episode 5 English Dub Online?

The English Subbed version of ‘The God of High School’ is available on Crunchyroll and VRV. You can also read its source web manga on Webtoons, which has been created by Yongje Park.

God of High School Spoilers

The 4th episode of ‘God of High School’ focuses more on Mira’s back story. It shows how she first acquired her sword and her impeccable fighting skills from her father. Lured by her ability to wield a godly katana, a rich guy asks for her hand in marriage. Her father, who struggles to stay afloat, believes that this would be the best decision for her as it would bring wealth to their family. Although her heart lies in fighting, Mira does not even think of defying her father and accepts the marriage proposal. When Jin and Han hear about this, they rush to the venue and stop the marriage. A battle ensues between them and the groom, but they manage to win. Ultimately, Mira ends up losing her sword, but she still believes that her father’s fighting spirit is all she needs to win.

When the match between Mira and Han ensues, Han shows a darker side of himself and brutally knocks her down by attacking her previous wound. He wins the semi-final against Mira, but Jin looks at him with a skeptical eye, questioning his motives. The next episode could be one of the most epic episodes of this season as it will feature a battle between Jin and Han. For obvious reasons, because of Han’s ruthlessness against Mira, no one’s really going to support. Moreover, because of how he fought Mira, even Jin will not hold himself back now. In the end, Jin seems to have a better chance of winning as he has already proved that he is the best fighter in the tournament. But then again, unlike Han, he has high moral ground, because of which, he may not give his best. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see who’ll win the finals.

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