Preview: The Great British Baking Show Season 8 Finale

Image Credit: Mark Bourdillon/Love Productions

If you’ve kept up with this season of ‘The Great British Baking Show,’ then you’re already familiar with the delectable treats and wonderful participants who have graced our screens. Hosted by Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas (who, by the way, are absolutely heavenly), the final competition is going to take place next week. If you, like us, cannot wait to learn more about what to expect from the episode, then this article is for you.

The Great British Baking Show Season 8 Episode 10 Release Date

‘The Great British Baking Show’ season 8 finale will air on November 27, 2020, on Netflix. Do keep in mind that each episode is released every Friday after the UK release (that takes place on a Tuesday).

The Great British Baking Show Season 8 Episode 10 Spoilers

The season will be coming to an end next week, which means that the challenges will be even more difficult and methodical than ever before. As of now, the contestants will be required to create a set-custard signature, a choccy-nut technical, and a dessert tower showstopper. Dave, Laura, and Peter will really have a lot on their plates. Furthermore, they will need to show, through their work, how far they’ve come in order to secure a win. 

The Great British Baking Show Season 8 Episode 9 Recap

The semi-finals were no joke, especially since the week was celebrating all things pâtisserie. For their first challenge, Peter, Dave, Hermine, and Laura were tasked with creating 12 Pâte à Savarin, which is a yeast enriched dough soaked in glorious syrup. Hermine created a dozen Creme ét Abricot Baba au Rhums, but the judges were disappointed with the end result.

Dave (Honey Tequila, Passion Fruit & Mango Savarins), Laura (Poached Pineapple, Kiwi and Passion Fruit Rum Babas), and Peter (Strawberry & Elderflower Babas) were able to deliver a quality product as far as the taste was concerned. The technical challenge was a tough one, with the bakers having to recreate a Danish Cornucopia (also called Horn of Plenty). For his impressive skills, Peter reigned supreme. Hermine placed second, Dave came third, and Laura was fourth.

25 mini cube-shaped cakes had to be merged into one big cake for the showstopper challenge. Although non-edible supports could be used, extra points were awarded if the entire dish could be eaten. Peter’s chocolate, raspberry, and pistachio cube cakes were a hit with Paul and Prue. So were Laura’s Black Forest cube cakes and Dave’s Celebration of Chocolate cube cakes. 

Hermine, however, failed to hit the spot as she was working sans recipe and delivered an average product to the judges. Although she had planned to construct a cake using coffee and praline plus cherry and chocolate flavors, the end result was disappointing. For this reason, she was eliminated, even though her specialty was pâtisserie. On the other hand, Dave, Laura, and Peter secured a spot in the finals, with the latter winning Star Baker for week 9.

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