Preview: The Third Day Episode 2

After the psychedelic trip that was ‘The Third Day’ part 1 episode 1, the miniseries will likely get more surreal and complex and pose more questions before it starts answering a few of them. The pilot has set the plot up neatly. It has introduced most of the main characters that are set to appear in the ‘Summer’ part of the show and established the fact that there is a deep sense of dread and paranoia lurking beyond the smiling facades of most of the inhabitants of Osea Island. In this series of articles, we are going to discuss all the new developments and major changes that are going to take place in each episode and how they will affect the series’ overarching plot. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Third Day Episode 2 Release Date:

‘The Third Day’ part 1 episode 2, titled ‘Saturday – The Son’, is set to release on September 21, 2020, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. The episode will be simultaneously made available on HBO Max and HBO Latino. The entire miniseries is divided into three blocks, with the first and third blocks having three episodes each. The second block, on the other hand, is slated for a live theatrical release in October. In the UK, ‘The Third Day’ part 1 episode 2 will become available on September 22, at 9 p.m. GMT on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

Where to Watch The Third Day Episode 2 Online?

As mentioned above, ‘The Third Day’ episode 2 will be available for streaming on both HBO Max if you live in the US and NOW TV if you reside in the UK. Viewers can also watch the episode on DirecTV.

The Third Day Episode 1 Recap

The first episode opens with Sam (Jude Law) standing on a one-way road in the middle of nowhere and frantically talking to his wife on the phone about a burglary incident at their business which has resulted in £40,000 being stolen from the premise. We later learn that the money was for bribing a planning officer named Ade. Despite this business-related turmoil, he goes to an isolated place deep within the woods overlooking a creek and breaks down crying, before performing a ritual that ends with a child’s shirt being placed on the flowing water of the creek. It is later hinted that the remote creek is somehow connected to the death of his child.

He saves a teenager while she is trying to kill herself and drives her to her home in Osea Island, which is only accessible through a causeway during the low tides. Once there, he comes to know that the islanders are preparing for a pagan festival, Esus and the Sea. He meets the Martins (Emily Watson and Paddy Considine), a childless couple who runs the local pub. He leaves the girl in their care to try to get back to the main island but can’t, as the causeway has already submerged in water. He returns to the Martins’ pub/home where he meets an American research scholar named Jess (Katherine Waterston). Sam gets drunk with Jess and her local friends, temporarily forgetting all his troubles. Later that night, he has a vision of the remains of ritualistically slaughtered children and wakes up screaming. This is when it is revealed that he had the $40,000 cash in his car all along.

The Third Day Episode 2 Spoilers

When Sam saves the girl, Epona, there is a younger boy with her. He later spots the boy on the island. During his macabre vision, the boy appears again and leads him to an old and abandoned water trunk, inside which he finds the remains of the children. In episode 2, expect the miniseries to offer more clues on the identity of the boy. Epona’s father, Jason, has already come after Sam with a gun after the latter insinuates that the former has been abusing his daughter. This relationship might not get better anytime soon. The reason for which Sam ran away with his own money might be revealed. The secret cultish nature of the town might also come to the fore in the next episode.

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