Preview: The Third Day Part 1 Episode 3

Created by Felix Barrett and Dennis Kelly, HBO/Sky Atlantic’s ‘The Third Day’ is a unique entry in the folk horror subgenre. While it does have its share of violence and grisly bloodshed, the psychological metamorphosis of the main character is placed right at the center of the plot. The series premiered on September 14, 2020, and has already garnered significant attention from the critics and media alike. Episode 2 offers new information about the history of the island as well as new insights on what really happened with Sam’s (Jude Law) son. In this series of articles, we discuss all the new developments and major changes taking place in each episode and how they affect the series’ overarching plot. SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Third Day Episode 3 Release Date:

‘The Third Day’ episode 3, titled ‘Sunday – The Ghost’, is set to release on September 28, 2020, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. The episode will be simultaneously made available on HBO Max and HBO Latino. There are three parts of the miniseries, with the first (‘Summer’) and third (‘Winter’) having three episodes each. The second (‘Autumn’) part, on the other hand, is going to have a live theatrical release in October. In the UK, ‘The Third Day’ part 1 episode 3 will become available on September 29, at 9 p.m. GMT on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV.

Where to Watch The Third Day Part 1 Episode 3 Online?

As mentioned above, ‘The Third Day’ part 1 episode 3 will be available for viewing on both HBO Max and NOW TV. Fans of the show can also stream it on DirecTV.

The Third Day Episode 2 Recap

‘The Third Day’ part 1 episode 2, titled ‘Saturday – The Son’, opens with Sam’s vision of the boy, who may or may not be his son. Following the child, he comes across a burning wagon, which, as it is later implied, once belonged to the same Romani man who killed his son. Sam and Jess (Katherine Waterston) have slept together, though neither of them can remember much about it. Later, they have a candid conversation. She tells him about her estranged husband and their children, while he opens up about the murder of his son. She also talks about Mimir, the island’s “archaeologist”, who later turns to be someone who is connected to Sam’s past and his son’s death.

While leaving Mimir’s house, Sam is attacked by a group of masked individuals. He meets Jason (Mark Lewis Jones), whose actions and words lead him to believe that Epona (Jessie Ross) is dead. But when he returns to the Martins’ (Emily Watson and Paddy Considine) home and tells Jess about all the things he has been experiencing since coming to the island, Epona arrives with the Martins, very much alive. Sam later tries to leave the island but returns when his wife’s messages finally get through, and he realizes what is waiting for him on the main island. During the festival, he and Jess take LSD pills and lose themselves in everything that Osea is offering them. It is then that the Martins approach them to warn them that Sam is in danger. He is later attacked by Larry (John Dagleish), wearing one of the masks from the earlier incident, and is hit on the head with a crowbar. Larry puts the mask over Sam’s head, and as the episode draws to an end, the splotch of red, indicating blood, grows bigger on the material.

The Third Day Episode 3 Spoilers

There are two anchors that seem to be keeping Sam harbored in Osea: Jess and Epona. With both of them, he evidently has built a deeper connection. This might be further explored in the next episode. We are given bits and pieces of the history of the island as well as its inhabitant’s continued adherence to Celtic traditions. Episode 2 also makes a reference to Frederick Nicholas Charrington’s alleged connection to Jack the Ripper. Expect these elements to have a considerable focus in the ‘Summer’ finale. There is also a question about whether Sam is really attacked by Larry or he is just hallucinating everything. After all, he has just taken an LSD pill. This might be answered in episode 3 as well.

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