Preview: The Third Day Part 2

A joint venture between HBO, Sky Studios, Punchdrunk theatre company, Brat Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment, and writer Dennis Kelly (‘Pulling’, ‘Utopia’), ‘The Third Day’ is a folk horror series that revolves around a fictionalized depiction of the Island of Osea, located beyond the shores of Essex, England, its mysterious inhabitants, and their pagan practices. The series is divided into three parts. The first and third parts, titled ‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’ respectively, are comprised of three episodes each. The second part, titled, ‘Autumn’, is going to be a 12-hour-long, immersive, live, theatrical event. HBO has just concluded airing the first part, and many of you must be wondering when and where you can catch the upcoming event that will likely continue Sam’s (Jude Law) story on the island. Here is everything we know about it.

The Third Day Episode 4 Release Date:

‘The Third Day’ part 2, titled ‘Autumn’, is set to air on Saturday, October 3, 2020, in the United Kingdom on Sky Arts and online. The episode will not be broadcast on HBO. Owned by Sky Group (Comcast), Sky Arts is a British channel dedicated to broadcasting intellectual content like plays, arthouse cinema, documentaries, and operatic, classical, and Jazz music. ‘The Third Day’ part ‘Autumn’ will be available on the channel as a free-to-view content.

Where to Watch The Third Day Part 2 Online?

As mentioned above, you can catch the free-to-view, immersive, live, theatrical event online. The series has been streamed till now on HBO Max, NOW TV, and DirecTV and likely to return to those streaming services for airing the third part of the show, ‘Winter’.

The Third Day Part 1 Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3, titled ‘Sunday – The Ghost’, offers answers to several questions posed in the previous two episodes. It turns out that although Sam isn’t dead, he has been taken captive by a section of the island’s population, which includes Larry (John Dagleish), the preacher (Amer Chadha-Patel), and the descendant (Richard Bremmer) of Frederick Nicholas Charrington. It is later revealed to him that the visions of his son that he was experiencing throughout the series weren’t visions at all. His son is very much alive, brought to Osea by the islanders after they hired the Romani immigrant Goltan to kidnap him. He learns that his grandfather was supposed to rule Osea as its religious and administrative leader, but as he didn’t want that life for himself and his son, he left.

Sam continues his attempts to leave the island and fails every time. His final effort to do so is foiled by Jess (Katherine Waterston), who reveals that she is doing this because her two daughters are being held as hostages by the islanders. Sam eventually accepts his role as the new “Father” of the island. He takes his son Nathan in his arms and walks into the “Big House.” As the episode ends, tens of thousands of crickets take to the sky. As Jess has pointed out earlier, crickets are signs of rain, floods, and death, all of which denote change. With the death of the previous “Father” and Sam assuming the role, the crickets signify this transition in Osea.

The Third Day Episode 4 Spoilers

Although episode 3 of ‘Summer’ does make quite a few revelations, some mysteries remain unsolved. It doesn’t provide a satisfactory answer about why Sam still has the money that was supposed to be stolen. It also doesn’t shed much light on the artworks he finds in the abandoned church. Expect these issues to be addressed in part two. Speaking about portraying the character and the uniqueness of the format of part 2 of the series, Law said in an interview, “There is a very clear sense of what happens that day, because it’s a day of this festival that the island has followed for hundreds of years, and there are certain stages that (the characters) have to accomplish for it to be a ritual success.” This implies that part 2 is going to be set on a day celebrating the Esus and the Sea festival. Law, along with Waterston and others, is going to reprise his role. Florence Welch is slated to join the cast and Punchdrunk’s Felix Barrett is going to direct the project.

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