Preview: Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 8

‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ is a unique and poignant love story that is based on a manga series by Kenjiro Hata. The first issue of the manga was published on 2018 Valentine’s Day. Much has happened since then. As of fall 2020, Hata has released 13 tankōbon volumes of the manga series. He teamed up with Seven Arcs Studios to make an anime version of his work. The first official announcement on the subject was made on March 4, 2020. The series had its premiere on October 3, 2020. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming episode of the series.

Tonikaku Kawaii Episode 8 Release Date: When will it premiere?

The 8th episode of ‘Tonikaku Kawaii’, titled ‘Parent and Child’, is slated to be released on November 21, 2020.

Where to Watch Tonikaku Kawaii English Dub Online?

‘Tonikaku Kawaii’ is available on Crunchyroll with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles. The anime can also be viewed on Tokyo MX and other local channels.

Tonikaku Kawaii Spoilers

Nasa Yuzaki is a genius young man who often gets teased by people around him because of his unusual first name. One day, he nearly gets killed in a car accident but survives because of the actions of the beautiful Tsukasa Tsukuyomi. Nasa instantly falls in love with her. When he tells her about his feelings, she replies that she will accept his proposal if he marries her. Nasa happily accepts her terms. Several years pass, and Nasa is 18 now. One day, he sees Tsukasa standing on his doorstep, and they begin their married life together. In episode 7, Chitose, who has been following Nasa and Tsukasa in their journey, tries to come up with an idea that can permanently end the couple’s relationship. Tsukasa is interested in trying out the lime udon that she came to know about while watching a TV show, but the dish turns out to be a disappointment. After they arrive in Kyoto, Chitose’s plan of separating them seems to work when she successfully manages to send Tsukasa to a manga museum with her maids, while she is alone with Nasa. During their impromptu date, Nasa excitedly speaks about the two most important things in his life, Tsukasa and math. This seems to convince Chitose that he is right for Tsukasa, and she and her maids go back to Tokyo.

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