Will There be a Primal Season 2?

Genndy Tartakovsky has created quite a name for himself in the world of animated entertainment. He is the mastermind behind iconic shows such as ‘Samurai Jack‘ and ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’. He is also known for creating the ‘Hotel Transylvania’ films and ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ for Cartoon Network.

Re-introducing the signature style and visuals of this talented animator is ‘Primal’, a prehistoric animated series, which is about a caveman at the dawn of evolution and a dinosaur at the brink of extinction. The duo forges an unlikely bond and teams up with one another in a struggle for survival in a dangerous world. ‘Primal’ airs on Cartoon Network’s late-night programming block, Adult Swim. The show’s first season was received very well. But will there be a Primal season 2?

Primal Cast: Who is in it?

‘Primal’ is a silent miniseries with no dialogues. So, as far as the cast is concerned, there are no voice actors. It is an engaging story that is narrated only through extreme visuals, seamless scripts, body language and expressions.

Primal Plot: What is it about?

In the show, we follow a fearless caveman and a T-Rex, attempting to survive in a ruthless, unforgiving world. And it is the absence of any extra voices that gives it such a unique edge. For instance, the first episode is titled ‘Spear and Fang’. So, it is very likely that we think this phrase is meant to describe the weapons held by prehistoric humans and the mighty power of primitive beasts that used to roam the planet during those times.

However, Spear is, in fact, the name of the human protagonist and Fang is his partner, the dinosaur. Yes, the series leaves us thinking and it is only when the end credits roll in do we realize how different things turn out from what we had initially imagined. Obviously, this is great because we do not need everything to be served on a platter. After all, whatever makes our brain dig a bit deeper or leaves it wondering, is more often than not a great watch.

The story begins by introducing us to Spear, who after losing his family, finds an unlikely ally in Fang, a female T-Rex and a mother. Spear had tried to rescue her babies once but could not succeed in his endeavor. Now, they develop a bond in order to support one another and survive in a brutal world.

‘Primal’ is set in a fantasy world, that seems dreamy and mesmerizing in spite of its gory theme. Landscapes in bright, orange hues, set against the shades of the setting sun and contrasting dark outlines of trees and forests, almost seem like an artist’s canvas. Something that is dreadfully beautiful — entwining elements of death and hell. Across the episodes, we witness a re-imagined era, where humans co-exist with dinosaurs, mammoths, monkey-men, and blood-red bat humanoids.

It is true that ‘Primal’ has no narration or dialogues. But the show’s characterizations, body language, and expressions are so apt that you have no difficulty in understanding the story. It is violent, no doubt. But this is a tale of survival and existence. It is a fight to live. There are scenes where preys are eaten on the spot, eyeballs are smashed with rocks, and weapons are used to usher in a vivid display of blood. But this is reality. You must kill to survive.

Spear, at times, does express his regrets for being unable to leave this violent cycle. However, there is no way out. Both his and Fang’s worlds were snatched away by the natural brutality of Mother Nature and they have no providers who would help them in their journey. Therefore, they have no choice but to live on and move on. An enthralling, terrifying, yet beautifully executed show, ‘Primal’ is a must-watch for lovers of good, animated programming.

Primal Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?

‘Primal’ season 1 premiered on Adult Swim on October 7, 2019. The show was conceived as a miniseries, so it is unlikely that it will come back for a season 2. But then, never say never in the world of television. Many a times, shows initially branded as miniseries go on to receive multiple seasons. In any case, we will update this section as soon as we come to know about ‘Primal’ season 2.

Primal Trailer:

You can check out the official trailer for ‘Primal’ season 1  below. You can also head to show’s official site if you want to catch clips from the show.

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