When Does Project Runway Season 18 Episode 4 Premiere?

The world of fashion meets the unpredictability of reality television in ‘Project Runway‘. The series focuses on a group of designers who have to exercise their creativity and resourcefulness as they attempt to make the best clothes under several restrictions, including time, materials and themes. As is the case of any competitive show, there are eliminations at the end of the week. Over its long and rich history, the series has changed homes a couple of times, and you might be knowing that supermodel Heidi Klum hosted ‘Project Runway’ at one time.

Now that the current season is off to a solid start, we have already seen how the first couple of episodes have shaped up, with the designers being immediately challenged to create something fashionable reflecting humanity’s push towards space exploration. The following episode was all the more exciting, especially for ‘Cats‘ fans. Designers had to put a new spin on a classic, that is, animal prints, as they came up with something that would work on a runway and a fashion sale. Now that the third episode is out, you might be wondering about what went down. We are here to tell you that but first, let us walk you through where and when to see the upcoming episode of ‘Project Runway’.

Project Runway Season 18 Episode 4 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Project Runway’ fans have to go the rest of the year without new episodes since Episode 4 is slated to air on Thursday, January 2, 2020, on Bravo TV at 9:30 pm EST/8:30 pm CST.

Titled ‘The Ultimate Upcycle’, it will follow the contestants as they struggle to make something fashionable out of Goodwill clothes. Aptly named, because the end products will be snazzy, the upcoming challenge requires creativity and deftness, since it happens to be a one-day challenge. The designers have to come up with something for Karlie Kloss to wear to the Council of Fashion Designers of America event. Laverne Cox is supposed to be the guest judge.

Where to Watch Project Runway Season 18 Episode 4 Online?

Being a Bravo TV show, the best way to watch the episodes of ‘Project Runway’ is on television, as long as you are subscribed to the channel. However, we understand if you cannot access a television set and still want to watch the show. In that case, head to Bravo TV’s site. With cord-cutters on the rise, trends of viewing are also changing. Therefore, there are cable-free live streaming services that you can use to catch the latest episodes of ‘Project Runway’. Just head to Hulu or Fubo Tv. You can access these on various devices, including your phone, computer, Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV.

Project Runway Season 18 Episode 3 Recap:

Episode 3 has been titled ‘Sleigh the Runway’, obviously, a wordplay on slaying the runway with the jaw-dropping fashion statements. However, this episode packs a surprise punch, literally, since it is the unconventional materials challenge. Designers either love it or loathe it, but they have to make do with unexpected materials, once they are woken up by sleigh bells.

With Christmas around the corner, the current episode attempts to embrace the spirit, by asking designers to come up with the perfect party dress. There is a touch of originality underlying the premise of the challenge itself, as we see designers tapping into their own memories of the holiday, and what Christmas means to them, as they turn the winter wonderland into a wonderful dress that can be worn.

Kiernan Shipka is the guest judge for the challenge, which Sergio Guadarrama ends up winning, while Alan Gonzalez is knocked out. We cannot wait to see how the upcoming episode plays out as it returns next year.

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