Queen of the South S05: What to Expect?

Queen of the South, an English adaptation of the Spanish telenovela La Reina del Sur, which is again based on the eponymous bestselling novel by Spanish author Arturo Pérez-Reverte, airs on the USA Network. The crime-acton drama follows Teresa Mendoza, a woman who is on the run from the Mexican cartel and seeks refuge in America, where she expands her drug empire.

The show, after its premiere in June 2016, was renewed for three additional seasons, with season 4 premiering in June 2019. The last season ended on a cliffhanger, leaving a ton of unanswered questions. Hence, it’s natural that fans want to know when will Queen of the South season 5 release and what’s the cast. Here’s everything we know.

Queen of the South Season 5 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Queen of the South season 4 premiered on June 6, 2019, on the USA Network. After airing for 13 episodes, it wrapped up on August 29, 2019.

Just on the day of its conclusion, the channel renewed the show for another season, a few hours before the finale aired. And the news was not surprising. Ranked among the top-rated shows on the network, it is Thursday’s number 1 cable drama in the P18-49, P18-34, P25-54, and P2+ demographies.

It is fairly easy to speculate a release date for the upcoming season as the show has been returning annually during the month of June — since its debut in 2016. And we don’t see any reason why the makers would want to change the aforementioned schedule. Hence, it’s safe to predict that Queen of the South season 5 will release sometime in June 2020. And just like its predecessors, it will most likely consist of 13 episodes.

Queen of the South Season 5 Cast: Who is in it?

Queen of the South stars Alice Braga as the protagonist Teresa Mendoza, a woman from a modest background and a native of Sinaloa, Mexico. She reaches the US and builds her own drug empire. Justina Machado plays Brenda Parra, Teresa’s best friend and the spouse of a prominent transporter for the Vargas Cartel. She appears in a guest role in season 4. Peter Gadiot is James Valdez, Camila’s right-hand man, and a guest star in the fourth season.

Hemky Madera stars as Pote Galvez, previously a lieutenant of the Vargas Cartel and currently a strong aide of Teresa. Alfonso Herrera (Javier Jimenez), promoted to a series regular in season 4, is a member of the Jimenez cartel and another ally of Teresa. David Andrews joined the cast in season 4 as Judge Cecil Lafayette, one of Teresa’s most dangerous foes.

Season 5 will definitely feature the eponymous ‘Queen of the South’, Teresa Mendoza (portrayed by Alice Braga). Alongside the rest of the lead cast, other stars who are expected to make comebacks are Hemky Madera, Alfonso Herrera, Peter Gadiot, and David Andrews.

Queen of the South Season 5 Plot: What can it be about?

Queen of the South is a powerful series that is centered around Teresa Mendoza, who is forced to flee to the United States after her drug-dealer of a boyfriend is killed in Mexico. Once she reaches America, she starts building her own drug empire while partnering with an unlikely ally from her past. Meanwhile, she is hell-bent on bringing down the leader of the drug trafficking ring because of which she was driven to seek refuge in a foreign land.

In season 4, we follow Teresa as she expands her business to the East Coast after taking on Big Easy. But her journey is fraught with dangers with the emergence of new foes. According to USA Network, when “familial trust is broken, Teresa is forced to make difficult decisions that weigh heavy on her soul.”

The fourth season ends with James telling Teresa: “They’re coming for you.” And we do not know what he means by ‘They’. The creators have already confirmed that season 5 will feature James in a major role and it will also involve Russians and the DEA. So, ‘They’ can be these new players in the game. But it can also mean Camila (Veronica Falcón), who was mysteriously absent in season 4 in spite of being such a strong character.

The enemy can also mean the Judge, who can easily regroup with his powerful allies in New Orleans. We also cannot forget Eddie (Bailey Chase, who joined the cast in season 4), with whom Teresa had a brief romantic stint but it is obvious that he does not believe her to be a mere bar owner. And finally, the fifth season may showcase a much-hardened version of Teresa, who is grief-stricken and out for blood after the death of Tony in the last season.

Queen of the South Trailer:

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