Rachel Maddow Net Worth

How much is Rachel Maddow worth$20 million

How did Rachel Maddow earn his money and wealth?

Rachel Maddow is an American television host. She is a political commentator with shows on television as well as radio. Born on April 1, 1973, in Castro Valley, California, Rachel got her doctorate in politics from the Oxford University. She has always advertised herself as a Liberal and is very openly gay. Maddow also claims to be a victim of clinical depression from her puberty days.

She started her career in radio in 1999 with a radio show Dave Brinnel on WRNX. Later on, she got her show “Big Breakfast” on WRSI. She later hosted “Unfiltered” with Chuck D and Lizz Winstead. Two after the cancellation of the show she began hosting “The Rachel Maddow Show” from March 2008. Rachel moved to television in 2005 as a panelist on “Tucker” on MSNBC. After being a substitute host for “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” she started hosting the show on the regular. Rachel got her show “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC in 2008 and was aired on the 9 p.m. slot and was able to double the channel’s audience in just a month. She became the first primetime host in America who was openly gay.

Maddow wrote a book called “Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power” in 2012 which was based on the role of the military in postwar American politics. When it released, the book came on top of The New York Times Best Sellers in the category of hardcover nonfiction. She also wrote a monthly opinion column for The Washington Post. In 2018, she also published her first crossword puzzle in the “New York Times” and she is quite proud of it as she described in her own words, “This is kind of it, like there will never be a baby, but there’s this freaking crossword puzzle, and I am very, very excited about it.”

Maddow didn’t come out in support of any candidates at the 2008 presidential election stating she never thought of herself as a supporter of Obama. It was speculated in 2010 by Republican Senator Scott Brown that Maddow would be in the running for Senator against him in the 2012 Senate election despite Maddow repeatedly falsifying the rumors. But Brown went ahead and pursued his claims until Rachel Maddow featured a full-page advertisement in The Boston Globe to confirm that she would indeed not be a candidate in the elections and demanded that Scott Brown apologizes to her. Elizabeth Warren ran against Brown in 2012 and defeated him. 

Rachel has been the recipient of three Emmy Awards, one for “Outstanding Live Interview” category and two awards for “Outstanding News Discussion & Analysis category”. Maddow is romantically involved with partner and artist Susan Mikula since 1999 where they met during her doctoral dissertation. She spends her time both in Manhattan, New York and West Cummington, Massachusetts.

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