Rachel McAdams Net Worth

How much is Rachel McAdams worth?  $16 million

How did Rachel McAdams earn her money and wealth?

Born on November 17th, 1978 in London, Ontario, Canada, Rachel Anne McAdams was an adamant figure skater. Until the age of 18, she had won numerous regional awards for the same, which still reflects in her 16 million net worth. Today McAdams credits her ability to skate for physically preparing her for her acting career. Her mother, a nurse, and father a truck driver and furniture mover, were far from the movie field and did not encourage or discourage her. During her teens, McAdams participated in various theatre workshops, significantly Original Kids Theatre Company & later also directed a Children’s theatre production. McAdams was convinced about her X-factor for acting, thus was enrolled in a 4 years film programme at New York University where she graduated with a degree in Fine Arts.

McAdams’ career started in the spring break of her university (2001), where she played the character of Beth Swanson in the MTV show ‘Shotgun Love Dolls’. In the same year, she got an opportunity to act in a Canadian film ‘My name is Tanino’. Adding an icing on the cake, McAdams also won a Genie Award nomination for her native Canadian role in the drama ‘Perfect Pie’. In the year 2002, she debuted in the Hollywood film named ‘The Hot Chick’. She was praised by a lot of famed journalists & celebrities for her role of a high school student. The film earned $54 million across the globe.

McAdams was globally a celebrity when she starred in ‘Mean Girls’ in 2004. The movie brought her to the limelight for her comic flair & glamour in acting. The movie cultivated a whopping $129 million worldwide. McAdams won two MTV movie awards for the film. McAdams then acted in a romantic drama (‘The Notebook’) co-starring Ryan Gosling. This drama made $115 million across the planet & brought McAdams an MTV movie award & 4 Teen Choice Awards. McAdams drove the entire industry with tons of films. This helped her boost her net worth.

Later in her career, McAdams starred in ‘The Lucky Ones’, a drama based on the War in Iraq, where she was trained in a real boot camp. In 2011, McAdams acted in ‘The Time Traveller’s wife’, co-starring Eric Bana. The film grossed $101 million worldwide. We all remember that girl from Sherlock Holmes (2009), don’t we? McAdams contributed to the success of the film, co-starring with the most popular Robert Downey Jr. She enacted the role of Irene Adler, Sherlock’s love interest. The movie minted a humongous $524 million.

As we move down the timeline, her achievements get denser. Her major works include, ‘Midnight in Paris’, ‘The Vow’ and ‘To The Wonder’. In 2015, McAdams returned to the television screen in the second season of HBO’s crime drama “True Detective” and received much praise. She voiced The Mother of the Little Girl in an animated version of   “The Little Prince” in 2016. She acted in a superhero film based on Marvel comics, “Doctor Strange” in 2016 and it brought her the most success commercially. Her net worth is mainly a great contribution to her firm foundation in her filming career from her teens. This has enabled her to dominate the industry.

What are the highest grossing movies of Rachel McAdams?

  1. Doctor Strange(2016): $232,641,920
  2. Wedding Crashers(2005): $209,255,921
  3. Sherlock Holmes(2009): $209,028,679
  4. Sherlock Holmes : A game of shadows(2011): $186,848,418
  5. The Vow(2012):$125,014,030
  6. Mean Girls(2004): $86,058,055

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