Radiant S2 E16: Premiere Date and Where to Watch?

‘Radiant’ is more of light-hearted shounen that initially entertains you with its silly escapades of its main characters, but there’s a lot more to it than that. As it story progresses further, it gets more intriguing and takes a deeper turn. Along with that, if you stick around with it for quite some time, you’ll notice that it also deals with several deeper themes that revolve around discrimination and herd mentality. ‘Radiant’ does have some flaws here and there but it is certainly a must-watch for anyone enjoys fantasy anime. With that said, here is everything you need to know about the next episode of its second season.

Radiant Season 2 Episode 16 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Radiant’ season 1 premiered on October 6, 2018 and with a total of 21 episodes, it ended on February 23, 2019. Soon after this, ‘Radiant’ season 2 released on October 2, 2019, and so far, this season has aired 15 episodes. ‘Radiant’ season 2 episode 16 is scheduled to release on January 22, 2020 at 7:25 PM JST.

‘Radiant’ is an adaptation of French comic series written by Tony Valente, which currently has a total of 11 volumes. It has been directed by Daiki Fukuoka and Seiji Kishi ( ‘Angel Beats!‘, ‘Kengan Ashura‘ and ‘Persona 5‘). Lerche Studio is the producer of the series and its script has been written by Makoto Uezu (‘Arslan Senki‘, ‘Akame ga Kill‘).

Where to Watch Radiant Season 2 Episode 16 English Dub Online?

The English Dub of ‘Radiant’ is available on Funimation. You can also stream the anime on Crunchyroll with original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Radiant Spoilers:

Seth, the main character of the series, is not too bright and lacks the conventional intelligence that most people expect from him. He is buffoonish and recklessly does everything. But despite being so naive about the world around him, one thing that makes him stand out from the people of his village is his undying dream of fighting back the Nemesis monsters that fall out of the sky.

Throughout his childhood, he goofs around and does the silliest things to find a way to fight back the Nemesis. However, this never really works in his favor and in turn, ends up annoying the people around him. All of this gets to a point where his own Guardians start despising his ridiculous everyday antics. But even through all of this, it’s his strong sense of justice that keeps him going.

Then comes a day when the Nemesis fall out of the sky without any prior warning and attack his village. And anyone who even dares to touch these creatures either ends up dead or gets gravely cursed with some serious irreversible defects. Being one of the few mages who can wield Fantasia and create peace between the humans and the monsters, Seth decides to finally bring an end to this battle by setting his eyes on Radiant—a liar of the Nemesis. With this, he sets out on a journey to find Radiant. Along the way, he makes new friends, faces the toughest enemies and learns new lessons.