Ragnarok Season 3 Release Date, New Cast and Plot Details

Created by Adam Price and Emilie Lebech Kaae, ‘Ragnarok’ is a Norwegian fantasy drama television series that heavily borrows from Norse mythology to create its fantastical ambiance. Set in contemporary times, the series tells the story of the fictional Norwegian small town of Edda. The inhabitants of this sleepy township are jeopardized by industrial pollution and climate change caused by the Jutul family’s business empire. The Jutul family is not a family per se – they are four Jötner from Norse mythology posing as a family.

Meanwhile, a teenage boy named Magne comes to know that he is Thor’s reincarnation and wages war against those destroying the planet. First released in January 2020, the climate-conscious Netflix original series received high critical acclaim due to its compelling concept and eccentric portrayal of the end of the world. Following the cliffhanger finale of the second season, you must be eagerly waiting to catch the third installment on screen. In that case, let us spill all the beans before you.

Ragnarok Season 3 Release Date

‘Ragnarok’ season 2 premiered in its entirety on May 27, 2021, on Netflix. The second season comprises six episodes with a running time of 47-54 minutes each.

As for the third season, let us now divulge what we know. Unfortunately, Netflix is yet to renew the show for a third run. The streamer usually takes a while to gather the viewership data before moving forward with a show. Therefore, it seems that we would have to wait a while before we can catch the third season, even if it is renewed by the end of 2021.

Although the show has received mostly favorable responses in critical circles, Netflix has a strong penchant for canceling shows after two seasons for various mysterious reasons. However, we choose to remain optimistic with this Norwegian production. If we have to put a date on the third season’s release, we expect ‘Ragnarok’ season 3 to premiere sometime in Q1 2023 or later.

Ragnarok Season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?

If the show is greenlit for another round, all central cast members will hopefully come back for the third haul. Among the prominent members of the cast ensemble, we may see David Stakston (Magne Seier), Jonas Strand Gravli (Laurits Seier), Herman Tømmeraas (Fjor), Theresa Frostad Eggesbø (Saxa Jutul), Emma Bones (Gry), and Henriette Steenstrup (Turid Seier).

Other supporting members of the cast are Odd-Magnus Williamson (Erik Eidsvoll), Bjørn Sundquist (Wotan Wagner), Tani Dibasey (Oscar Bjørnholt), Iselin Shumba Skjævesland (Yngvild Bjørnholt), Danu Sunth (Iman Reza), and Billie Barker (Signy). Most of them will take up their respective roles, in all likelihood, if there is a season 3. However, following the character Vidar’s death in the second season, the return of Gísli Örn Garðarsson is less likely. Also improbable are the returns of Ylva Bjørkås Thedin (Isolde Eidsvoll) and Eli Anne Linnestad (Wenche) since their respective characters die in the series. Furthermore, there may be a few new characters in the third installment if the series is greenlit.

Ragnarok Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?

Ragnarok unveils a quasi-magical world where Norse gods and giants inhabit the moderately grounded territory of Edda. The series unfolds through the eyes of Magne and his half-brother Laurits. The first season expends most of its energy to provide an origin story, while the second season ups the ante by adding a slew of divine reincarnations and Norse myths.

The Jutul family’s patriarch, Vidar, dies in the tense season 2 finale, while Fjor and Saxa, the two new-generation members, attempt to expand the business to Asia. Since the locals fear going out of work, they let them continue the operations in Edda. On the other hand, Magne and his team find the ancient forge and craft Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. Magne loses his power for a short while before it returns to him by the grace of the lightning, and we see the notorious rivalry between Thor and Loki taking root.

If the show returns, in all likelihood, the third season will move the story forward from the second season’s impasse. The most glaring question that remains is whether Laurits joins the side of the Jutul family. This development is most likely since Laurits promises the life of Magne in exchange for his own. Moreover, we may also see the restructuring of the family business under the leadership of Fjor and Saxa.

In the end, Saxa also seemingly sides with Magne, and the oligarch family may see some cracks going into the potential third season. While the Jutuls win the battle at the end of the second season, Magne and his mythical confederates will hopefully take control of the situation in season 3 if the show is recommissioned. But the future storylines are likely to revolve around the central rivalry of Magne and Laurits.

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