Rand Paul Net Worth

How much is Rand Paul worth? $2.5 Million

How did Rand Paul earn his money and wealth?

Born as Randal Howard Paul on the 7th of January in 1963 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Carol and politician and physician Ron Paul, Rand Paul is an American politician and physician serving as the junior United States Senator from Kentucky since the year of 2011. His father Ron Paul contested for Presidential election thrice. Rand Paul was raised in Lake Jackson, Texas after the family shifting there since 1968. Since his childhood days, Rand Paul has been involving himself in politics by interning in his father’s congressional office during his summer vacations. After his schooling in Brazoswood High School, Rand Paul got enrolled in Baylor University from fall 1981 in the honors program. After being selected to the Duke University School of Medicine that is his father’s alma mater, Paul dropped out from Baylor University in the summer of 1984 without completing his baccalaureate degree. Later in 1988, Paul graduated from the medical school with a MD and further got done with his residency in Ophthalmology in 1993.

Soon after, Paul moved to Kentucky and sought job at Downing McPeak Vision Centers where he worked for around 5 years. 10 more years of practice at the Graves Gilbert Clinic and Rand Paul opened his own clinic. Even while pursuing his medical studies, Paul didn’t stay away from politics. He volunteered at his father’s 1988 Libertarian presidential campaign. In 1991, Paul set ablaze the North Carolina Taxpayers Union against George Bush who failed to keep his promise to not raise taxes.

Paul won the Republican Senatorial primary by a 23% margin in 2009 that was followed by the 2010 general election where Paul defeated Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway with a margin of 56%. It was on the 5th of January in 2011 that Rand Paul was sworn in as the US Senator. At the senate Paul was assigned the Paul was assigned to be on the Energy and Natural Resources, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Homeland Security and Government Affairs, and Small Business committees.

In 2015, Paul announced his presidential candidacy and raised a $1 million within a day of his announcement. Paul is a supporter of the Tea Party Movement and is generally tagged as a libertarian. Rand Paul has authored 4 books including The Tea Party Goes to Washington and Government Bullies: How Everyday Americans are Being Harassed, Abused, and Imprisoned by the Feds.

Rand Paul is the sixth wealthiest member from Kentucky.

What are the highest selling books of Rand Paul?

  1.    The Tea Party Goes to Washington (2011)
  2.    Government Bullies: How Everyday Americans are Being Harassed, Abused, and Imprisoned by the Feds (2012)
  3.    Our Presidents & Their Prayers: Proclamations of Faith by America’s Leaders (2015)
  4.    Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America (2015)

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