Ratched Season 2 Release Date, New Plot, and Cast Details

Developed by Ryan Murphy and created by Evan Romansky, the psychological thriller dramaRatched’ is a dark and ambient exploration of the corrupt psychiatric system of the country. The series is a loose prequel to Milos Foreman’s Jack Nicholson starrer ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ (itself based on Ken Kesey’s eponymous novel). The story unfolds through the eyes of nurse Mildred Ratched, a prominent character in the 1962 novel and the 1975 film.

Moving the setting from Oregon to California, the story probes into the inconsistencies in Mildred’s character while chronicling the nurse’s relationship with her tormented foster brother Edmund. Following its 2020 premiere, the Netflix original show received praise for its talented cast ensemble and lush production design, while the critics were particularly swayed by the nuanced performance of Sarah Paulson in the central role. However, following the intense finale of season 1, many of you are curious about a second installment. If that is the case, let us guide you through all the developments.

Ratched Season 2 Release Date

‘Ratched’ season 1 premiered in its entirety on September 18, 2020, on Netflix. The first installment packs eight episodes with runtimes ranging between 45 and 62 minutes per episode. Let us now delve deeper into the prospects of the follow-up season.

The good news is that season 2 is most definitely happening. In September 2017, Netflix secured the show in a bidding war with Hulu and Apple. It ordered the first two seasons right away, while Romansky and Murphy later reportedly conceived the show as a 4-season arc. Talking about the show’s future, the show’s lead, Sarah Paulson, told Elle, “We’re definitely doing a second season, but if we were to go on, the plan would be to do about four seasons.”

She added, “And in the fourth season, we end up in the Cuckoo’s Nest era. Therefore, fans will have their plates full for quite some time.” Furthermore, the writing team reportedly started penning the screenplay for the sophomore season in January 2021, but the cast and crew have been tight-lipped about the filming schedule. The series also spends a lot of time in post-production. Keeping everything in mind, we expect ‘Ratched’ season 2 to premiere sometime in late 2022.

Ratched Season 2 Cast: Who is in it?

The show stars Sarah Paulson donning the garb of Nurse Mildred Ratched in the leading role, alongside Finn Wittrock (Edmund Tolleson) and Cynthia Nixon (Gwendolyn Briggs). Among other prominent cast members, we hope to see Judy Davis (Nurse Betsy Bucket), Corey Stoll (Charles Wainwright), Sophie Okonedo (Charlotte Wells), Brandon Flynn (Henry Osgood), and Alice Englert (Nurse Dolly).

Although no official announcement regarding the cast has been made yet, we expect most of the original cast members to reprise their roles in the second season. Furthermore, the upcoming season will also feature several talented additions to the main and recurring cast.

Ratched Season 2 Plot: What is it About?

In the movie, the titular character comes off as a two-directional outright evil character – and the series delves deeper into the pores of the character to give her an ambivalent position in society. As a product of patriarchal society, Ratched’s authoritarian behavior comes off due to her repression. The finale is quite eventful, as Ratched expresses her love for Gwendolyn. Edmund is about to be executed by an electric chair, but Mildred chooses to take the situation into her own hands and euthanize Edmund.

However, Charlotte rescues Edmund in the nick of time, and they go on a run, but only after knowing Mildred’s murderous intention from Bucket. After a two-year time jump, we see Edmund resurfacing, and after a heated conversation with Ratched over the phone, he swears to kill her.

The second season will probably kickstart from the limbo that brings the first season to a standstill. In the season 1 finale, Edmund reveals that he has murdered seven nurses in Chicago, and Mildred realizes that her life is under threat. Thus, the ending sets Edmund up to be an archetypal villain in Mildred’s life. Edmund can also come after Gwendolyn since he knows her value in his sister’s life. Gwendolyn also has terminal cancer, and either way, Gwen’s death would be traumatic for Mildred.

The show also draws parallels between Edmund and Jack Nicholson’s character Randle in the movie, and we wonder whether Edmund faces the same fate of being lobotomized as Randle. Power-hungry Mildred also conceals a dark side that is increasingly visible to the audience, and her character may take a further sinister turn as the second season unfolds.

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