Will There be a ‘Rattlesnake’ Sequel?

I will jump straight to seeking answers. In a just world governed by our merciful lord, probably not. And there shouldn’t be. Regardless of what I, or what any of you felt about the film, on the outset, ‘Rattlesnake’ doesn’t appear like the kind of film that would be up for a sequel, and, at the end of the day would end up in Netflix’s repository as one of the many, many, horror-thriller films released during its famed Halloween season of releases.

Every once in a while, we may be hit by a ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’, or better still, ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, but we all know better, now don’t we? This isn’t that film. However, we will still delve into what a potential sequel could showcase, and what are the logistics behind it not happening in most probability, and well, happening, in the rarest probability. Read on.

Rattlesnake Sequel Prospects

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The first and foremost aspect that actually decides whether a film would get a sequel or not would be how well it performs commercially. Unfortunately due to its policy, Netflix would never release those numbers, but one should have a fair idea on the basis of the number of people talking about it and its engagement over social media, both of which seem remarkably absent for the film, given rarely anybody other than those either intrigued from the trailer or following the film for various reasons would be aware of its release.

I project the film’s critical reception to be unfavourable too, something that doesn’t help its case either. More astutely, the only Halloween horror film to get a sequel green lit from Netflix is ‘The Babysitter’, and even if the film didn’t do too well critically either, its audience scores and viewership numbers helped its case. You and I both know, as I have stated multiple times in my own write ups as well, that the probability of Netflix actually making a sequel to one of its hit films is a 1 in 20. As of now, visibly, Netflix is looking to add some Oscars to its kitty with its upcoming big-ticket releases. A ‘Rattlesnake’ sequel then, under these circumstances just seems hard to imagine.

Going a limb further out on prediction, let’s talk about the ending of the film. Contrarily so, even if chances at a sequel look feeble, the ending of the film does leave some room for Katrina’s and Clara’s stories to be continued further. The film ends rather abruptly, with Katrina still finding the words to explain to Clara her connection with the “hitchhiker”, Billy, who she killed earlier, presumably realising that she too was invariably tied to all of this. Even if there are close to no chances of a sequel happening, I do see the possibility of Clara and Katrina’s story continuing, being tormented in the aftermath of the sequence of events of this film by the same shrouded lady that Katrina witnessed in newspaper reports and Clara drew in the hospital.

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